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Sep 11, 2012 05:35 PM

Museum Tavern

After awesTRUCK, my friends and I popped into this new spot on bloor St at Avenue (across from the ROM) for a drink. I was really impressed. They're head bar tender has created a really creative and delicious cocktail menu, with barrel aged cocktails, and seasonal specials. Everything we tasted was innovative and delicious. The bartender told us that they are bringing in I believe 200 different Scotch's, and are doing their own pickling and preserving etc for their garnishes. I was pretty impressed. The menu looks safe, but tasty- we were all WAY too stuffed from the food trucks to even try anything.
Wondering if anyone has eaten anything there and how it was?

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  1. I had a similarly great experience at the bar and am also wondering about the food. It'll definitely be a go-to for me for client lunches this winter.

    1. On my list of places to get out to eventually. Some pics and discussion of food in the BlogTo write up:

      1. I have now been for lunch three times, each time having a different torpedo (this is their sandwich) which is served with very good fries and oversalted coleslaw. The turkey confit with pork belly was the most delicious sandwich I have eaten in some time though it does ooze grease. The lamb with harrisa was tasty and the quinoa covered tofu became boring before it was finished. Portionsare generous and the sandwiches priced at around $15 dollars. The cocktail list is interesting and the drinks appear to be made with much care. The beer list is interesting but limited. A very a good addition to the neighbourhood.

        1. I ate there last night. Excellent burger and fries. Very nice room. Good service. Weird dessert -- strawberries in pastry pockets deep-fried. Will probably go back and try their steak next time.

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            On my second visit I tried the tuna burger, just as good as their cheeseburger, and cooked exactly the way I asked for. And a correctly mixed Perfect Manhattan.

          2. Ah, I am so happy now. Finally somewhere to eat in my hood. Pray it doesn't become like the rest of them in Yorkville.