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Sep 11, 2012 05:21 PM

Need suggestion for Chowmeet with visiting 'Gourmand' Singapore chowhounder

Hello fellow NYC chowfriends! Greetings and salutations!

I'm back!! After having a fantastic time chowing in your great city this April, I'll be paying the Big Apple another 'chow-visit' at the end of the month. This time I will be meeting up with a real foodie chowhounder visiting from Singapore.

My schedule will be tight and as such, I only have time for may be three meals max with him ( 1 lunch and 2 dinners??!! ). Based on our past dining experiences in the Big Apple and elsewhere, my current plan is WD-50, The Modern and Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare.

Question?! Is it worth our while making the trip to Brooklyn to try out Brooklyn Fare or shall we just stay in town and re-visit one of the 3* 'regulars'.?! Anything NEW ( menu-wise ) from the likes of EMP, Per Se, Daniel or Bernadin? We will be giving a pass on Jean George ( too Asian fusion ) and Masa ( my S'pore friend has eaten in ALL the 3*s in Tokyo! ).

Any 'NEW ADDITION' to the culinary scene that is worth our trying? Last time, fellow chowhounder uhockey suggested Lincoln to me and the experience turned out to be great!

Lastly, any 1* or 2* we should try? My experience with Marea was so-so and I'm not too keen on Corton, finding the plate presentation more impressive than how the food taste! FYI, during my last visit, foodwise, I found Casa Mono to be a revelation. Anything similar that might wow us? My friend loves seafood. How is Esca??!!

Thousand apologies for the chain of never-ending questions! Looking forward to reading all your expert feedback!


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  1. We had a fabulous meal at the Modern Restaurant last Saturday, do take him there! (Reviewed on this board.)

      1. Hello, Charles!

        if you have not been to Jean Georges, I would reconsider. Although chef utilizes Asian ingredients, I would not call it a fusion restaurant.

        I had a very interesting dinner at Atera recently; you might want to add this to the list of possibilities.

        I'm still dreaming about that char siu at Fu Sing...will have to return to HK to have another chow down with you!! Happy eating!!

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        1. re: erica

          i eat at JG frequently, and i would call it fusion. But worth trying.

        2. Charles, you probably meant to say your friend is a gourmet. A gourmand has less refined taste than a gourmet, revels in quantity, and would probably choose Great New York Noodletown over WD50 any day.

          Remember Mr. Creosote in "The Meaning of Life"?

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          1. re: knucklesandwich

            I guess he is both since he is a lover of good food and a connoisseur of good food

          2. If you can get a reservation at Brooklyn Fare, by all means go. The food is wonderful and Ramirez is very gracious. His presentation leans towards Japanese though his ingredients are sourced globally.

            Jean Georges should also be on your list. It's much better than the Modern Dining Room as far as I'm concerned. The food at Jean Georges is French nouvelle cuisine with some asian ingredients, notably sesame, soy, yuzu, and red chili oil, all of which are used sparingly. It's not like you'll be served pork buns or pastrami egg rolls. Jean Georges is a lot more subtle and refined than that.

            Esca is comparable to Marea, except that the pasta at Marea is much better.