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Sep 11, 2012 04:28 PM

New in Bellingham/Lynden: Cassoulet

Just through their soft opening, so really really new, is Cassoulet. Have not been yet, but understand it's on Hannegan Road at Pole Road between Bellingham and Lynden. Chef and owner Gabriel Claycamp moved up from Woodinville/Seattle because, in addition to opening a restaurant, he plans to build/operate a sustainable abbattoir to support his ambitions in charcuterie.

As it was described to me, the menu's entrees will change monthly with more frequent changes in sides and appetizers according to what's available. No liquor license as yet, but should be very soon.

I'm excited!!!

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    1. A changing menu? Wow, sounds like the chef is keepong up with what's fresh and locally available. Good deal!

      1. Wow, it looks promising. Thanks for the heads up, Neecies!

        1. Hoping for an opportunity to drive out there and check it out. Maybe we'll go for shrimp & grits for brekkie! Dinner is a little pricey for our family, $28 each. But, breakfast and lunch look great and affordable.

          1. this is very incredible. thank you