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Sep 11, 2012 04:09 PM

Private room for ten or twelve in NYC

Having a big sit down meeting with our business and the spouses-a celebration of a good year! Is there a spot with a good back room for a big party where we can all talk easily? Fine dining, but not crazy $ please!

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  1. Please be more specific about your budget and your food preferences.

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    1. re: Pan

      Mid-level, $25ish entrees. Thinking about El Parador's downstairs room. The back room at Miriam's would have been perfect (festive, boozy) We just don't go out that much!

      1. re: RolfConant

        I've never been to El Parador nor Miriam's, but you could also consider Inoteca, which is a bit cheaper than your budget but very consistently good, in my experience, with good inexpensive wines.

        1. re: Pan

          That is a GREAT idea. Had dinner in their downstairs room years back and the food was fantastic!