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Sep 11, 2012 02:41 PM

What's for Dinner #164 First touch of fall edition [OLD]

This was the first morning that I closed the windows in the kitchen, heralding the arrival of much cooler, drier weather in the N.E. I have some marinara simmering on the stove, which will be dressing the delicious mushroom and ricotta salata ravioli that I bought at Tarry Market, the Batali/Bastianich outpost in the burbs. I also have some wonderful cheese sausage from Biancardi's on Arthur Avenue defrosting on the counter, which we'll have after the ravioli along with a green salad.

Is your weather turning? What are you inspired to make for dinner?

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    1. I'm inspired to bake some acorn squash on the half-shell but haven't found it yet at the farmers' markets. Any minute now I hope. 425* oven so it caramelizes a bit around the edges. Melted butter. Oh my goodness. A seasonal joy.

      1. REPOSTING FROM THE "OLD' THREAD - *grumble grumble* ok, roxlet, i'm HERE.

        breaded & fried steaks (milanesa or apanados, take your pick) i made Sunday were re-crisped, and the BF made rice, salad, sliced toms, red onions, and red peppers, and his curtido. dollop of green habanero sauce on mine. simple flavors, very satisfying. off to see Fiona Apple!

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          Well, at least I didn't threaten you! :)

        2. Chili and garlic rubbed flank steak was served with fauxtatoes and tomatoes that were topped with a mixture of homemade mayo, parmesan, garlic and herbs and then run under the broiler. Easy, yummy. A good weeknight dinner.

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            Oh, and since you asked, roxlet, we're expecting 107 degrees all weekend. We're probably looking at at 4-6 weeks before the temperature breaks here and we get inspired to bake, braise and roast.

          2. Dinner's going to be a chicken satay sort of thingy.

            Strips of chicken breast weaved onto wooden skewers and bunged under the grill for a few minutes.

            A pack of supermarket stir-fry veg to be, erm, stir fried and drizzled with a little kecap manis

            That half empty jar of satay sauce that's been lurking in the "ethnic" cupboard for months to be warmed up with more of the kecap and a little sriracha (which I only recently discovered in a shop in Chinatown - this'll be its first use)

            Rice to be be boiled.

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            1. re: Harters

              The sriracha should augment the jarred satay sauce quite nicely!