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Sep 11, 2012 01:11 PM

Dinner for two elderly folks around the University District

I'm headed to Seattle next week for business and wish to take my aunt to dinner early Monday evening. I'm 63 and Chris is a lot older - but still very mobile. Looking for a good restaurant, not real adventurous food, within about 10 miles of Wash U. I'm thinking about Ivar's Salmon House? Suggestions please.

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  1. That is possible. North on 25th NE and Frank's Oyster House are also possible, both close to the UW. 10 miles is a long way. It takes you WELL out of the City in at least 3 directions. You might want to limit yourself geographically. And it's the University of Washington, not Wash. U.

    1. I think you all would be comfortable in the District Lounge at the Hotel Deca at 45th & Brooklyn:

      1. I'd second Frank's, and I'd add their sister restaurant, Pair, which is a few blocks further. My parents, who are about your age, are also very big fans of Chloe, which is a french Bistro not too far away. Closer to the univeristy, there's mostly cheaper food, either poor quality or what I think you'd categorize as 'more adventurous.

        Ivar's Salmon House is not great food. The fish is fairly good and well cooked, but the sides and other food are mediocre at best. The view is lovely, but not worth the prices that you're paying for mostly not great food. Here was my take a few months ago:

        1. If old-school Italian works, Salvatore is also good with fish.

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            Salvatores is closed Mondays. I don't think Ivar's Salmon House is such a bad choice, especially for an early dinner. Close parking is a real plus, too.

          2. I should also mention Ciao Bella for reasonably good northern Italian food.