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Sep 11, 2012 01:06 PM

Colorado Springs -- DC Hound needs dinner options near Cheyenne Mountain Resort

I have responsibility to plan a dinner for 5 senior level executives this Thursday evening. We are all staying at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort and the restaurant there does not seem to get good reviews. We will have cars and I know we're not far from downtown Colorado Springs. What are your recommendations for a very good quality place where we can get steak or seafood (or vegetarian if needed) in an atmosphere that is not jeans and t-shirts? Of course, I would prefer the jeans and t-shirt places, but I can't do that for this dinner. I've heard mixed thigns about MacKensize's Chophouse, and pretty good things about The Famous.

I would really appreciate your recommendations.


BL -- DC Hound

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  1. I have always had excellent meals at the Penrose Room. Definitely not jeans and T-shirt (but it sometimes seems the rest iof The Broadmoor is).

    1. Penrose Room for your circumstances is a no brainer. There is no second place. Maybe the "Bee" after dinner, if they let their hair down.

      1. I'm too late for you, but I would recommend the Blue Star, Walter's Bistro, or McKenzie's. This is Colorado Springs, jeans are everywhere. The Penrose Room is probably the only place in town that requires a coat. The Peppertree is good, too, and has great views. I was not at all happy with The Famous.