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Sep 11, 2012 12:59 PM

36 hours in Burlington, VT

My boyfriend and I are headed to Burlington, VT in a few weeks for my birthday. We will be there Friday-Sunday and I am looking for some must-eat-at restaurants in the area. Any thoughts?

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  1. (((um, search for "Burlington" and you'll get a pageful of discussion threads)))

    1. Having lived here a decade or so I'd say Myer's Bagels.

      While more part of Montreal's food tradition than Vermont's this is a unique place, not fine dining but worth picking up a few for a picnic.

      1. Magnolia's Bistro is excellent for breakfast. They make a smoked salmon eggs bennie with sourdough toast , spinach, and fresh tomatoes that was awesome. They also had homemade strawberry jam!!!!!!!

        1. There are many fine restaurants with excellent, local food, but here's a thought out of the box: this is the season for church suppers. They're usually held at the church on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday evenings and feature traditional, local foods (chicken pie, boiled dinner), always prepared by, and often raised/produced by the church's members--vegetables from the gardens and dairy from the farms. I've had many a fantastic meal with some very hospitable, local people with great conversations on topics you wouldn't be likely to hear in town and yes, no religion (except perhaps a brief, ecumenical grace at the start). And of course, homemade pies for dessert!

          For the best way to find and reserve a place at one, check the local calendar of local events, e.g., the Burlington-based Seven Days: