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Sep 11, 2012 12:57 PM

Good Pho in Vancouver? Does it exsist?

Hi Chowhounders,

I am new in town, moved from Edmonton where I have been spoiled by Pho Tau Bay (a pho place so popular, someone registered a domain to decipher its current open/closed status

I have tried and tried and tried to find a Pho place that is similar in quality and price without avail. They have a full bodied broth (spiced/peppery) with tender noodles but the real game changer is their home made chili oil. It is so tasty, the chili flakes are soft so the texture is nice, spicy, a little garlicky and a little salty. There is very little MSG in their broth and the place is family run.

The places I have tried in Vancouver have been unreasonably priced or plastic noodles or overwhelmingly salty/msg or just lacking in flavor all together.

Have any of you sampled Tau Bay and could recommend a place for me to try? Or if you havent sampled, do you think you know a place that fits the bill?


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  1. Try My Chau on Kingsway. Which restaurants have you tried?

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    1. re: fmed

      Went with some friend to Pho Hong on Kingsway near Imperial (East Burnaby, close to New West) on the weekend and it was quite awesome. Great broth, good cuts decent chili oil but don't know about homemade.

      1. re: Jzone

        I was at Pho Hong a couple of days ago too, and it was very tasty. I liked their chili oil. Since it's a chain, their broth may not be homemade.

    2. I have had Pho in New York, Toronto, LA, San Francisco and Seattle. I think that there is plenty of good Pho in Vancouver. Le Do is one of my favorites as well as My Chau and Song Huong.

      1. I've had very good pho at Thuan An (Kingsway, about 3 blocks east of Fraser):

        Small place, can be hard to miss. Good thing now they painted their exterior a visible merlot color.

          1. re: LotusRapper

            Hey LotusRapper,

            I did find that but I didnt agree with his ratings lol so I kind of gave up :(

          2. I'm kinda curious what you think Pho should cost? Most Pho places in Vancouver are in the $6-$7 range.

            I jokingly think there's collusion between all Vietnamese restaurants to keep Pho prices at that 6-7, similar to Thai restaurants whose prices are similar whether located in Yaletown or North Burnaby.

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            1. re: moyenchow

              That is exactly what I think it should cost, a few of the places I have gone to were $8-10! I have tried a few downtown and on broadway but havent found anything particularly good.

              Viet Sub Vietnamese Cuisine - noodles were like plastic, broth was basically just salt
              Ha Long Bay - meh, it was fine but not good
              Pho Hanoi - meh again
              Red Pagoda (Commercial) - I think so far they were best, but this might have been the pricier one
              Pho Tan's Vietnamese (Kerrisdale) - pretty good, the noodles were a bit hard and kind of a hike to get there
              Pho Linh Vietnamese - this was pretty good but they put WAAAY to much noodles in, they ended up soaking up all the broth before I could finish haha, will have to try again
              Pho Goodness / Pho Express (Westend) - just meh again

              There was also this good awful place on broadway that i cant remember the name of.

              Sounds like Kingsway is the place to explore?

              Thank you all for your recommendations, I will report back :)

              1. re: kati3

                "There was also this good awful place on broadway that i cant remember the name of."

                Could it be Thai Son (about 2 blocks east of Kingsway/Main ? They're one of my faves.

                Or Pho Linh, a block west of Thai Son ? I've heard good things about them but have not eaten there.

                  1. re: fmed

                    Ooops maybe I mis-understood her meaning of "good awful". Kim Penh Xe Lua is definitely ...... AWFUL !

                  2. re: LotusRapper

                    It was actually a taste of Vietnam - just passed it today driving down broadway.

                  3. re: kati3

                    I think I see your problem and why you are paying more, the good Pho and Vietnamese restaurants are in East Vancouver in particular Kingsway between Victoria & Fraser, not in Downtown or West part of Vancouver.

                    B/c of cheaper rents, most places in East Vancouver charge in the $6-7 range,

                    Just a note on Song Huong (my go to), they are Renovating their Restaurant until the end of September. Le Do is close by a 2 minute drive North on Nanaimo, next to the Red Wagon at Garden Drive & Hastings.

                    Happy Eating!

                    1. re: kati3

                      Ah - you haven't heard the Vancouver pho rule of thumb: "Don't eat pho west of Main."

                      1. re: kati3

                        You've managed to try a whole bunch of awful places -- congratulations!!!

                        1. re: brokentelephone

                          Pho Linh is okay but I like their la lot dishes better than their pho.

                      2. re: moyenchow

                        A Pho Collusion eh ?

                        Maybe Apple Inc. should look into this one ;-)