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Sep 11, 2012 12:41 PM

Last meal in the US

I'm going abroad (France), and the night before I fly out of DFW, I want to have a wonderful final meal with my parents. I don't know Dallas very well, so any recommendations will be greatly appreciated!

I think memorable "American" cuisine, something that I won't be able to get for a while, would be best.

So far, I was thinking that Fearings, Oak, Smoke, or Bolsa might be good choices.

Of course, another part of me would be perfectly happy with some amazing fajitas from a fantastic Tex Mex joint or unbelievable BBQ...

What do you chow hounds think?

***Edit: I'm staying in downtown Dallas, so something somewhat central would be preferred. Thanks everybody!

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  1. I can't speak for restaurant choices, but I flew out of DFW for the UK almost a year ago and I would give my boots for some decent Tex-Mex - it just seems like the one thing I can't find, can't get the right ingredients for, can't duplicate. That would be my suggestion, hands down.

    1. Go for Tex-Mex or Barbecue, because you won't get any of either here in France.

      The Tex-Mex available here is Old El Paso, and the barbecue sauce (if it's a US brand at all) is made by Kraft.

      'Nuff said?

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      1. re: sunshine842

        In a fit of desperation, I tried the Old El Paso Taco Seasoning here, and call me crazy, but I swear I can taste undertones of turmeric - almost like they are trying to cross-breed Tex-Mex with the oh-so-popular Indian curries here. Hugely disappointing. Forces one to cook from scratch - fast.

        1. re: tacosandbeer

          If turmeric is there, you would absolutely be able to see it ... I can see it before I can taste it.

          Can you poor people mail order decent spices?

          1. re: foiegras

            Foiegras - you should see the list of shopping I am bringing back to the UK with me when I go visit mom next month. DD's luggage allowance is strictly her carryon - I've already appropriated all the space in her checked bag.

            1. re: tacosandbeer

              I load up on spices and seasonings when I go back to the US, too. the oregano and basil and other mainstream herbs and spices are excellent and fairly cheap here, and Spanish is no issue to find...but Tex-Mex and barbecue are just sad.

              For those in Paris, there's a place on rue Tiquetonne in the 4th called Epicerie Bruno that has a decent selection of Mexican and barbecue spices.

              1. re: sunshine842

                Paris is where I'll be! Thanks for the tip on Epicerie Bruno!

      2. My favorite fajitas are chicken from Uncle Julio's. Bolsa is a very good choice for a memorable last meal ...

        Tex-Mex is so personal ... you really can hardly get any two Texans to agree on what's best. If you have a sentimental favorite as I do, that would be the place.

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        1. re: foiegras

          I agree completely and since I'm not from the Dallas area I don't really have anywhere with a lot of sentimental attachments.

          So I think I'm personally leaning more towards Fearings or Smoke. Seems like they would both be unique, excellent dining experiences with some great "Texas" flavors. Which one do you all prefer?

          1. re: rhettoric

            Both are top drawer, Fearings is pricier.

            1. re: rhettoric

              When choosing between those two, I'd go Smoke. I think it's more unique. Plus you can have BBQ.

          2. Fatty brisket. Period. A shovel full.

            1. All this chatter's making me want a slab of ribs with a plate of enchiladas, chips and salsa on the side!