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Sep 11, 2012 12:37 PM

Need to Register for Everday White China, what is classic and durable?

Hello! I am registering for my wedding and I am completely stumped as to what kind of everday china to get. I've decided I want a white pattern and I tend to like the more classic look. I want something that probably won't go out of production anytime soon since I may keep buying for a year or so until I have a full set. My MAIN goal is to find a durable set that I can keep for the next 30 years or more! I'm registering at Williams-Sonoma, Neiman Marcus, and Bed, Bath & Beyond. I've seen that Wedgwood White is very durable, but I don't want a cup and saucer and Bed Bath only sell it in a 5 - piece set. Please help!

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  1. We went with Denby White Dinnerware ( but not the Squares variant) primarily for the shape of the noodle bowl and the pasta bowl. It has served us very well for seven years and still looks new. I can't remember where we registered for ours, but I think BB&B has some available, and there's some on Amazon as well. The dinner plate is quite large, so make sure it fits where you would be storing it.

    1. You might what to check out a recent thread on the same subject:

      1. Apilco; it's been a classic for many years. Mine is more than 35 years old and in perfect shape.

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          I'll second the Apilco! We've only had ours a few years, but it's absolutley fantastic and very durable. They have several patterns in white and serving pieces to mix and match. WS sells it open stock so you can get the pieces you want and skip the ones you don't.

          Apilco is porclin and solid, while some of the white is pottery and glazed. The porclin is fired at higher temperatures and is quite durable, the glazed pottery is very prone to chipping. Beware glazed pottery from somewhere like Pottery Barn, made in China and chips very easily. The slighest little bump on the granite or the sink and it's history. We have some and are afraid to put it in the dishwasher for fear of chipping. On the other hand the Apilco goes into the dishwasher every day and not a worry. Odd how we worry about the inexpensive Pottery Barn and not the expensive Apilco.

          My opinion only, but I believe the Apilco to be a bit more robust for daily use than the lighter Wedgwood.

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            Thanks, this is very helpful! Making my decision between WS Apilco and Wedgwood a little more difficult :)

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              We're here to help ;)

              We chose Apilco because of durability issues and concerns. It's a little heavier than the Bone China and we thought that would hold up better for daily use. That's just a guess on our part though. We know the glazed stuff is fragile, some more than others and we didn't want to see the skid marks from knives and forks on the plates that we saw on our old dishes. We did a 6 month trial run with just 4 dinner plates to feel comfortable with the Apilco. We didn't test others as after 6 months we were convinced this was the way to go for us. I'm not sure how much you can learn about dinnerware in 6 months, but paper plates (used when all 4 were dirty) were getting old. Anyway it was an interesting experiment to determine if the Apilco were worth the extra price. Obviously, we concluded they were. The engineer in me says buy for durability and quality and buy once.

            2. re: mikie

              I'll third the Apilco. I don't have the dinnerware, but some bakeware and it's classic and ALWAYS make the food look good too!

          2. Candy, who is a friend and the go-to tabletop expert on the Cookware Board, recommends Wedgewood White.

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              Thank you! My only problem with Wedgwood White is that you have to buy it in a set of 5 on the Bed, Bath, and Beyond website. I'm already registered at 3 places and I definitely don't want to add a fourth. I do not need a cup and saucer, although I've heard it is the best. I am leaning toward Apilco from Williams-Sonoma. Do you know anything about Apilco?

              1. re: registryhelp

                Wedgwood White is available at Amazon and many other places as open stock. As a 5 pc. Place setting on Amazon it is a little over $81.00. They do sell open stock too. For example a Dinner plate is $37.50. Bone china sounds like and looks like it is very fragile. It is probably some of the sturdiest dinnerware you can buy. The clay is a hard-paste clay that has bone ash added to it to give it the very white color and not the greyish white of porcelain. Aplico is expensive porcelain. Porcelain is next in durability, then stoneware. The least durable are pottery and ironstone. Wedgwood White has been around for decades. You can dress it up or down depending what accent pieces you choose to use. It is dishwasher safe ane everyone needs at least 12 bone white dinner plates. I agree about coffee cups and saucers, you will rarely use them unless you have people who like after dinner coffee. I've been collecting china and selling it for close to 40 years. I have cups and saucers that have never been used. If you want cups and saucers you might think of looking for a dessert set, cups & saucers and 8" plates in a pretty or whimsical pattern that suits your fancy. BB&B is certainly not the only gift registry site in the world. If BB&B won't accommodate your wishes then who needs them? You are the customer. You can let them know up front why you will not be registering your dinnerware with them and that there definitely other places where the china can be ordered open stock. I would urge you to direct guests to Amazon. No, I do not work for Amazon. Just don't be pushed around by companies who will not cede to your wishes.

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                    OK I am convinced. Wedgwood white sounds like the way to go. I called Bed, Bath, and Beyond and they are able to order it seperately (unlike the website said) so I am 90% sure I'll go with this. They also reccommended Wedgwood Gourmet, I don't know what the main difference is. As a newlywed, do you suggest 12 dinner plates, salad plates, and bread/butter plates? I REALLY appreciate everyone's help!

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                      I have Wedgwood Stonhenge MidWinter White. I bought service for 12 almost 25 years ago. Last year, I was debating replacing it and my daughter bought me a bunch of replacement pieces from Ebay and I was THRILLED!

                      The Stonehenge has been discountinued for awhile. But, I've been amazed at how durable it has been. We've used it every day for 25 years.

                      You are right to avoid the cups and saucers. Those are the only unblemished pieces from my original purchase. We never use them.

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                        Go to Wedgwood's website (the UK version too) and look at all the types of dishes available. Rice bowls, soup bowls, tea plates, and on and on. Then be realistic about what kind of dishes you need.

                        Random thoughts:

                        * Etiquette-wise, one does not leave dirty dishes on the table, and one can only eat out of one dish at a time. This means unless you have a maid or intend to spend your festive meal jumping up and down to remove the salad plate, you might want to forgo that. On the other hand, salad plates are good for appetizers, small meals, and other things. Also, if you serve the salad with the meal, sometimes it helps to have a plate for it so the dressing doesn't get everywhere. Of course this isn't the formal way of dining, so again, be realistic.

                        * The bread/butter plate is the same as above. In addition, the traditional European dining calls for putting the roll right on the tablecloth. So you need to decide whether such sized plates are useful for other things.

                        * 12 plates can be handy in the event of breakage, double as a serving tray, and eliminates the need to wash dishes twice a day.

                        * Seriously, think about your lifestyle. If you prefer to host BBQs, plan for that. If you are a coffee fanatic, think about coffee mugs or espresso cups. If you never host a sit-down dinner and hate salad and don't eat bread...well, there you have it.

                        * If Wedgwood Gourmet is their oversized version, don't go there. The plates encourage you to eat too much and they never fit in the dishwasher or cabinets.

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                          "As a newlywed, do you suggest 12 dinner plates, salad plates, and bread/butter plates?"

                          I may be in the minority, but I like an interesting table rather than a 'matchy-matchy' table. For this reason, I would like to suggest that you eliminate the salad plates and substitute another plate that works well with your dinner plate; perhaps a lovely color or pattern that coordinates in a color you both love. Deep six the B&B plate altogether unless you actually use these regularly. (I own dozens, that I thought I ought to have, and never use as intended. They work as dessert plates when we have buffet suppers as well as small plates for informal cocktail parties but are not at all necessary for newlyweds unless you plan a lot of formal entertaining which would require different china than your plain white dinner plates and is a whole other post.)

                          What I really love and use daily are some Apilco gratin dishes in various sizes. I have twelve of each, #7 and #9 I believe. They do everything from individual baked gratins to salads to B&B to sandwiches at lunch.

                          1. re: registryhelp

                            As others have mentioned, depends on you and what you cook and serve, but I would suggest service for 12. It's great to have when family comes in for the holidays.

                            We have dinner plates, salid plates, soup/salid bowls, cerial bowls and have been adding the gratin dishes a few at a time. I also have a set of white, although not Apilco, onion soup bowls for those occasions when that is served. Not to mention all the other dinnerware for various occasions.

                        2. re: registryhelp

                          I have had Wedgewood Stonehenge White for nearly 35 years...service for 16, 2 completer sets, coffe and tea pitchers...i raised 2 kids 3, if you add my ex husband..tons of entertaining,dishwasher,microwaved it. No special doesnt stain! In ALL these years. 1 dinner plate has crazed/sorta dark as the water has absorbed into the stoneware. Its discontinued but being white and a universal shape...its timeless...AND it was a HUGE seller (no idea why they discontinued it)

                      2. I have white Brasserie from WS and I love it.
                        You can buy it by the place setting, set, or open stock.

                        I don't know about 30 years, but I've had mine for about 5 years and it still looks good. I use it daily, wash by hand and they seem fairly chip resistant. It is very similar in look/style to Apilco, but a little less expensive.


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                        1. re: iluvcookies

                          Great to know, those prices definitely are better. I will check it out at the store. What do you know about the Williams-Sonoma brand? The prices are really great!


                          1. re: registryhelp

                            I've only owned the Brasserie dishes, so I'm not sure about the other lines they offer. I'm sure they have a different "feel" to them, a little lighter or heavier. When we picked out the Brasserie ones, I remember some of the other plates in the store feeling much heavier. The Brasseries are sturdy, but they have a certain lightness to them as well. Hard to explain, but if you pick one up you'll see what I mean.

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                            I adore my Brasserie White set. Eleven years and not one has chipped or broken. I have dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls and cereal bowls and that's been perfect for all our needs (soup bowls are great for pasta as well).