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Sep 11, 2012 12:21 PM

Monday Night Brasserie

Hello again --

One more question for the road as I'm leaving for Paris in two days. I was wondering if any one had a suggestion for a good brasserie on a Monday night. To be more specific about my criteria, I'd like something where my wife and I can go late(ish), and, since we have a nice lunch (I hope) planned, not spend a ton (plat at around ~20-25 EUR would be ideal). Also would be great if it were walking distance (20 min max) from the middle of the 7th. Understand I'm likely narrowing the field greatly here.

Any thoughts on Cafe du Commerce in the 15th? Would that fit the bill? Please let me know if you've been there recently.

Thanks again,


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  1. Though more of a café/bistro than a brasserie, the Petit Cler would meet your stated criteria. It is an offshoot of the ever popular Fontaine de Mars in the same neighborhood.

    1. Brasserie Balzar on Rue des écoles has treated me very well, service and food-wise. They are open every day and have a special after 22h00 - 21 euros for an entrée and plat.