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Sep 11, 2012 12:18 PM

Birthday dinner for 10

My wife is turning 30 in a couple of weeks and we're looking to celebrate with a nice Saturday night dinner for 10-12 people (including one infant). She's a pescatarian so somewhere with some interesting seafood options would be great. However, any really nice place that is not very loud would be great. Budget-wise, we're not too restricted but we'd like to keep under probably $100 per person. Places we've looked into include Hamersley's and Salts. We've procrastinated a bit, however, and their large tables are booked.

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  1. Try Hungry Mother in Cambridge. I had a party there and it was fantastic!

    1. Did you looked at Rendezvous in Central Square? Or the Blue Room. Hungry Mother is also a great suggestion.

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        Rendezvous does a great job with groups of that size.

      2. Keeping you in the same area as the previous suggestions, West Bridge would work. They have a private room in the back that holds around 12 people. Definitely not as quiet and refined as places like Hamersley's or Salts, but I think the food is stronger than any of the places previously mentioned.

        1. Eastern Standard Kitchen?

          It looks like they have a private room with a table for at least 10.

          1. My biggest cheer is for the lovely patio (or inside)at Oleana. Very special and unusual Turkish and Mediterranean food; lots of seafood; chef-owned farm for true farm to table menu.

            Otherwise, in Cambridge- Evoo or Catalyst.

            But Island Creek Oyster Bar would really be perfect for you. Great food and service, esp. for Bdays. Good bar and memorable room too! It's a big space but yet conversation-friendly.
            ICOB prob has more positive CH posts than any other Boston restnt. (and yes, I am a fan!)