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Sep 11, 2012 11:53 AM

Emeril Lagasse to debut new show "Emeril's Florida" on cooking channel

Celebrity Chef Emeril Lagasse announced plans today for a new Florida-based television show that will focus on cooking and travel, with the first episode in January slated to be about Orlando.

"Emeril Florida" will feature Lagasse exploring the dining and entertainment options of the Sunshine State. It is slated to air on the Cooking Network, Channel 180 on Bright House Networks.

"It's about what this great state offers,'' Lagasse said. "So it's not just about cooking, it's not just restaurants, although that's a nice chunk of it. But it's about the beaches, it's about fishing, it's about farming, it's about the agriculture.

"When people think about Florida, of course, they think about sunshine and how beautiful it is. They don't really know the variety, to the extent of what is really here. There's so much here it's incredible."

In Orlando, Lagasse visited places such as the Ravenous Pig, Vines, the Ice Bar and Cask & Larder.


Ricky L.

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    1. Some controversy over the show here, since the local tourist development council kicked in $150K for their episode of the show, one of a string of large for the area expenditures at the TDC where Walton County residents aren't sure if they're going to get good value for a series that's shaping up to essentially be an infomercial.

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          It's not really all that weird. It's a film industry thing. Florida Film incentive is not that great at all. This is why with the exception of Burn Notice most shows set in Miami are actually filmed in LA, like Dexter.

          In order for productions to come to the area, a better incentive is needed. So this is why groups may kick in extra dough to insure the locations.

          I didn't say this was right, but that is just how it works.

          1. re: Sandwich_Sister

            they're going to be filming there anyways (Emeril's Florida) why do they have to get paid to do so...just seems scammy

                1. re: pdpredtide

                  I just found out Emeril just shot a segment at Orlando Brewery. cool!

      1. I wonder how well he will be able to convince the viewers that some of the best food is found in former gas stations and small strip shopping centers.

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        1. re: INDIANRIVERFL

          do tell about these former gas stations and strip mall centers ! i love holes in the walls

          1. re: pdpredtide

            If you ever find yourself in the central Panhandle, here's the bust burger place in the area and it's located on one of those former gas stations:


            1. re: pdpredtide

              Sorry about the delay in responding.

              All are for the Melbourne area.

              Bonefish Willy's is in a small house with large deck on the Indian River. Good innovative seafood. Burgers are pretty good for lunch.

              El Bohio is in the same shopping strip as Outback on Babcock. All things Puerto Rican in a very basic estasblishment.

              Z is high end dining in another strip center on US 192. Always order the specials.

              Edelweiss is in a gas station on US 1, south of US192. Great south German cooking. German beer on tap.

              I have two Cuban favorites, neither of which I ever remember their names. One is just over the causeway in Indialantic. Wonderful soups, and have a killer whole fish. I just look for the Cuban flags. The other is in a former laundromat alongside the train tracks on Crane Creek/ Melbourne harbor. Friday is a whole roast pig. Never be in a rush at either one. Seating is extremely limited.

              For breakfast, I drive way too far to Roman's Bakery and restaurant. Biscuits and gravy, well crafted omelets, good pancakes and french toast. You can sit and chat for hours, and the carafe of coffee is never empty. Liver and onions on Thursday nights. Another strip center on US192 near Wickham road.

              Pineda Crossing is well known by locals and overlooked by visitors. A non-discript former house with wonderful food. It is on US 1 at the Pineda causeway.

              Realise, we are a working class community, not a tourist destination. Hence, you tend to get better value here than I Drive or 192 in Kissimmee. We do not have what I would consider destination restaurants such as Cask and Larder or Ravenous Pig, both in Winter Park.