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Sep 11, 2012 11:22 AM

Good coffee places near Piedmont Hieghts

(I'm not sure how well-known that neighborhood name is, but it's basically in NE Atlanta near I-85 after it splits from I-75 and up to around the T. Harvey Mathis Pkwy exit.)

I'll be staying in that area for a couple days in October and would like to find a real, good coffee spot in the area that has great coffee and maybe some pastries or other breakfast items. The focus should be on the coffee though. I'm looking for the kind of place that does pour-overs and/or french press and has like 4 or 5 espresso drinks max on the menu. If you're familiar with it, Blue Bottle Coffee is kind of the archetypical coffee shop I'm looking for.


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  1. I've been to the Blue Bottle in San Francisco- that coffee setup was just insane. I don't know that there's anyone with that level of coffee tech (or is it steampunk?) here. But then I mostly make coffee at the house.

    I think of Piedmont Heights as the Monroe/Cheshire Bridge intersection with Piedmont. You aren't that far from Morningside and Virginia Highlands there. Again, probably not to your level of coffee fanaticism, but the coffee places that pop to mind are Alon's, San Francisco Coffee, and Aurora Coffee. Alon's will be the best for pastries.

    1. Not exactly in the neighborhood you are talking about, but close-ish: Dancing Goat coffee just opened a new place in the Ponce City Market building. Very cool space, delicious coffee (not sure about the pastries) and Octane Coffee at the Jane Building, near the Oakland Cemetary has Amazing coffee and incredible pastries, courtesy of the little bakeshop.