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Sep 11, 2012 11:20 AM

A local's 40th Birthday Dinner w Friends in SF - 10/20

I'd like to host a group of about 8 friends to my birthday dinner. I'd like a remarkable, unhurried, dining experience with emphasis on the food, and while I want ambiance to be beautiful, I do not want a highly formal dinner (a la Gary Danko, Fleur De Lys, etc.). To give some perspective on what I envision, I'd love to do a dinner at Boulette's Larder, but unfortunately it's beyond my price range. I'm looking at a budget of between 100 to 150 per person. I was thinking Quince but would love to get some additional ideas of semi-private dining rooms that would host a group like us. I'm curious about Dixie in the Presidio, I like the fact that it's a little off the beaten path and that it's Humphrey's cooking, but have not seen any reviews posted. I'm looking at October 20 (a Saturday).
Thanks for any suggestions...

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  1. Incanto's private room is great.

    AQ added a private dining area. I haven't seen it.

    Perbacco and Wayfare have pretty private rooms, I haven't eaten in either.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Perbacco has a good private room, but likely wouldn't fall in the 100-150 range. I had my engagement dinner celebration with friends there and the menu priced for the private rooms was much higher. We ended up doing a long table in the main dining area.

      1. re: bobabear

        Bobabear, did the table in the main area work? I realize I may end up not being able to do even a semi private room, but want to be able to feel like we're a bit removed from the rest of the dining on a busy Saturday night...

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          It worked - we had a 8pm reservation and there were actually no tables in our vicinity. Plus the restaurant is well spaced out, not cramped.

    2. You might be able to do a small private dining room at AQ in your price range.

      1. There is a cool "sunken" room at Bar Agricole that has a table for 8. I haven't been down there so not sure what else is in the room, but I think it fits your criteria otherwise.

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          I think that room's probably quieter than the main room. Maybe less humid greenhouse feeling as well.

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            Cool, actually going on Sunday to Bar Agricole for brunch, will check it out...

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              I had one of my birthday celebrations at the table for 8 in the subterranean room last year, a casual thing with friends dropping in and out for cocktails and small plates to start the evening. The outside space at Bar Agricole is also nice, depending on the weather. I believe there are heaters now.

            2. JUSt A THOUGHT . . .

              For eight-10 people, I'm not sure you *need* a private dining room. There is often a room charge that comes on top of the charges for food-and-drink, and sometimes a limited menu. Certainly if it's dinner for eight, you can get a regular table and ONLY pay for the meal itself . . . .


              On the idea list, I'd second Robert's suggestions of looking at Perbacco, AQ and Incanto. Wasn't all that impressed with Wayfare Tavern.