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Sep 11, 2012 11:14 AM

evening "snack" or LIGHT meal near Trocadero?

We have a late, special lunch planned earlier in the day, and then will doing nighttime cruise if weather permits. We'd like to have something to eat near Palais de Chaillot/Trocadero before heading back to our apartment. We'll be fighting jet lag, so this would be in the earlier part of the evening (say, 9 pm). Any suggestions?

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  1. Hummm, pastry at Noura, a bit of a schlep, but.....

    1. Just pop into Carette on the place Trocadéro. It's a pâtisserie/ salon de thé that also does light meals. Open until midnight. Good enough for a jet-lagged snack.

      Although it might be too much for a fuzzy and tired mind and body to bear, maybe Tokyo Eat in the Palais de Tokyo on the ave Président Wilson via the rue Manutention stairs. Despite the name, French, not Japanese cuisine.

      1. I am in agreement with Parnassien. We have been in an apt. in that neighborhood and enjoyed off-hour snacks at Carette a few times. It is smack dab on the Pl. Trocadero, has a pleasant terrace and friendly servers. One entire wall is a display case of patisseries that you can stroll by and see what strikes your fancy. There is a wide selection of salads, sandwiches and daily specials as well.