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Sep 11, 2012 11:09 AM

Montreal foodie visiting Palm Springs end of Sept - breakfast/lunch/dinner recommendations needed

After a 2 week trip in the Southwest (Death Valley, Zion, Bryce, Arches, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon) it's time for a couple of days of lounging by the pool in Palm Springs. We're staying at the Ace Hotel. Is the restaurant there any good?

I am hoping to find some cool places with great fresh (local or organic) food, some inventive or retro cocktails, interesting micro-brews, laid back vibe. Don't mind scenesters or hipsters or splurging (especially after roughing it foodie wise).

So far I have found Cheeky's, Jake's, Birba, Jiao, El Jefe, Tinto, Le Vallauris. Anything else that should be on my radar?

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  1. Yes, the restaurant in the Ace Hotel is any good. Sometimes better than any good. Certainly a very nice pleasant place, worth going to when you are hanging around the pool and don't want to go farther.

    The Cheeky/Birba/Jiao trio are fantastic, all of them.

    New place called Workshop Kitchen+Bar is opening in late Sept. - maybe just barely open by the time you are there - available info suggests that it is aiming to be the kind of place you are looking for.

    1. OK, take what I say with whatever grains of salt you deem appropriate. I write this from my hotel room in Palm Springs, as I come here once a year for a conference. That means I eat here, whether I like it of not. ;^)

      Keep in mind that, historically, Palm Springs is the land of *either* steak houses, *or* bad food. Places like Cheeky's have started to change that, but whenever I've found a restaurant that I thought was worth returning to, it has either fallen into the "Land of Disappointment" the following year, or has closed.

      Cheeky's is the exception, and it's a place where I make sure I have breakfast at least once a trip.

      My big "discovery" this trip was Tinto. I had a truly excellent meal there, the best dinner I have ever had in Palm Springs. I had made the reservation based upon two factors: we have recently returned from a trip to the Basque region of Spain (and France), and missed having an array of pintxos; and a meal we had at Chef Garces' restaurant in Chicago (very good food, amateurish service). Being in Palm Springs, I wasn't expecting much, but was VERY surprised and happy!

      1. Just got back from Palm Springs and love having dinner on the patio at Le Vallauris..3 course meal was sublime...brought a Cakebread and they charge a $35 corkage..
        $56 for 3 course and included pistachio souffle.
        Went to Ace hotel/Kings Highway for the very popular Monday night Bingo....this was the biggest hoot with great cocktails, food and showtunes by Linda, who is a frigging riot.
        This a must and fills up the whole resto...I can see this blowing up all over the US.
        Wanted to go to Tinto but ran out of time.
        Shermans deli, Cheekys and happy hour at Las Consuelos is the ticket.

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          Thanks for the tips. I'm en route and it's been rough foodwise. Here's hoping Palm Springs won't disappoint.

          1. re: estilker

            I don't know how enroute you are to PS, but I would definitely put Kings Highway on the list to dine , or go on Monday night with 'sissy Bingo' and the 3 course meal at Le Vallauris...
            Norma's at the Parker is quite good for breakfast.

            1. re: Beach Chick

              We've been going to Palm Springs every year for about 8 years. We like Johannes very much and this year we're looking forward to going to Tinto and Jose Garces (Iron Chef)'s OTHER new restaurant there -- we live in Philadelphia where most of his culinary empire is located and we love almost all his restaurants.

              1. re: Beulah

                You gotta go and see 'Sissy Bingo' next time your in town..she' on the cover of Palm Springs Lifestyle in is quite good at Kings Highway at the Ace hotel.