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Sep 11, 2012 10:50 AM

ISO Vegetable Marrow

What a weird name for a delicious vegetable.

A Hungarian friend of mine made a dish with it and it was absolutely delicious. Does anyone know where to buy it? Apparently the older the better, as the young ones get too mushy.

Thanks all.

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  1. I saw them at a farm day booth in the Granville Island Market on Sunday. I can't remember the name of the farm but they were located across the aisle from Longliner Seafoods, if that helps.

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    1. a marrow is the British term for cucurbits -- squashes.

      A big zucchini, yellow squash, or acorn squash (one that's a little older and has gone a little spongy) would all be usable.

      1. UBC Farm grows a variety of summer squashes, including the zucchini types typically termed as 'marrow'. This point in the season, they're getting quite mature. In addition to the their Saturday market at the farm, they're doing sales on campus on Wednesday lunch hours on East mall near the Barber Learning Ctr (but one must brave a lot of construction to get to it).