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Sep 11, 2012 10:28 AM

Specific idea for Burlington VT - romantic

Our anniversary tradition is to eat somewhere we have never been to before and that isn't somewhere we would normally eat because it is more expensive or has a more from from menu or something like that. This year we will also be going to see Paula Poundstone at the Flynn. So I would like something right downtown where we can park, walk to dinner, then walk to the show.

I would prefer new or newer if we can swing it. Until this morning I was thinking we'd go to EB Strong's but looking at the most recent reviews for it have put me off. So, prefer romantic, great food, price not quite so high as Strong's maybe. We don't drink alcohol and so a nice beer selection or good pairings are not of any interest to us.

We have been to L'Amante and Trattoria Delia, so not them.

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  1. Happy Anniversary!

    I suspect you've been to all of these places, but off the top of my head: Bluebrd Tavern, Leunigs, Blue Cat Cafe, or Church and Main.

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      We recently ate a Bluebird BBQ but have. Never tried their tavern. The others are all new to us. Thanks!

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        Leunigs food is okay, at least its been just okay for the several times I've been there. What I think sets it apart is a nice bistro atmosphere, although it can get really crowded. It is nice when the weather is good and the windows are all open onto the street.

        Also, a Single Pebble is always nice.

        Not new, but I don't get up there that much any more so those are my thoughts.

      2. We're having the same problem thinking up a place to go for a milestone birthday. The choices run from over-rated to bad.

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          We went to Single Pebble. It was the first time we'd been there since they moved from Berlin so many years ago, and I know ownership has changed, so we consider it a new restaurant (for the purposes of our anniversary tradition of always choosing a place we've never been before).

          I've heard good things about Sherpa Kitchen, but it's probably not especially romantic or anything.

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            Chilihead-are you looking specifically in Burlington?
            If you don't mind a 20 minute drive I'd head to Starry Night Cafe. Fantastic food. Fantastic service. Great special occasion restaurant.

          2. The Inn at Shelburne Farms. Really.

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              That's a possibility for the future, but in my original post I did ask for something downtown. :)

            2. Once you take Tratt and L'Amante off the board, downtown Burlington options dwindle quickly. I would say Church and Main, San Sai, or maybe something upbeat like Pizzeria Verita...enjoy ! You could also have an early dinner at the new Guild (South Burlington and then head to the show )

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                We ended up at Single Pebble (it has new owners and a new chef and we hadn't eaten there since it moved out of Berlin, so I count it as a new place). It wasn't massively romantic but it did at least end up costing us a fair whack of money and the food was great. :) it's also a very short walk to the Flynn and we EVENTUALLY found parking on the street. :)

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                  Great choice. I love that place!