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Sep 11, 2012 10:25 AM

Yachats or Astoria restaurants?

Taking a trip up the coast from CA in October and got some suggestions from Tripadvisor but was wondering what Chowhounds might suggest. We're staying at Tutu Tun in Golds so that night is taken care of the other two nights aren't set as to where to eat. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Yachats:
    We like LunaSea for fresh fish. Guy owns his own fishing boat! Darned good crab cocktails and usually a fresh fish special at dinner. Avoid their fried stuff.
    Heidi's Delicatessan for lunch or dinner. Italian (ish). Nice folks who usually put out a pretty good dinner special. Will has compiled a few local and Italian wines and Heidi's pies and cobblers really shouldn't be missed, especially with summer fruits in season.
    Yachats is pretty down-home but we enjoy both of these places.
    Saffron Salmon a little further up the road in Newport always makes us very happy as well and comes with a great bay view.

    1. I like the Silver Salmon Grill in Astoria and recommend pan-fried Willapa Bay oysters.

      Drina Daisy, a Bosnian restaurant, is special.

      1. The Bridgewater Bistro in Astoria is excellent. Nice space (check out the clear flooring that looks right down to the water below the pier!), and a view right out onto the passing big ships.

        Nice locally-sourced seafood and imaginative sides with entrees. Owned by the Kitchner's who were already famous for their seafood cooking out on the coast for 25+ years...
        I have had brunch and dinner there on different trips to/from Cannon Beach. I plan on going back anytime I am travelling to OR coast.

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            We stayed at Tu Tu Tun in July.... heaven on earth! The food is incredible there, don't miss out on the daily appetizers set out in the late afternoon. Astoria has several great places to dine, a few of our faves: Columbia Cafe, T Paul's Urban Cafe, Fulio's, Silver Salmon Grille, Bridgewater Bistro and Clemente's.

            If you like fish n chips, don't miss The Bowpicker across from the Maritime Museum. The Ship Inn is also very good for halibut fish n chips, an old school place with beautiful views of the Columbia River. We have been going there for over 25 years. :)

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            Hey GS! I also loved the Bridgewater Bistro when we visited 2 falls ago. Still dreaming about the fish and chips and there was this terrific jazz playing and the view- I could go on and on. Now my son and his wife who live out on the peninisula make this their go to restaurant when they come over the bridge to Astoria.

          3. Baked Alaska in Astoria was excellent, tempura calamari was very good. Roasted beet salad was beautiful. And raspberry cheesecake and vanilla creme brûlée were the best.

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              I've always loved Baked Alaska for the great food and view. And for dessert, their Half Baked is really yummy!

            2. We used AAA's Tourbook Guide for Oregon and all recommendations were very good.