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Sep 11, 2012 09:48 AM

Ingredient search - Does anyone know who carries fresh lemongrass in Birmingham, AL?

A question for the serious foodies:

Does anyone know who carries fresh lemongrass in BIrmingham, AL?

Background: We keep a kosher kitchen at home. I haven't been able to find OU-certified Thai curry pastes, so want to make my own at home. We have all the necessary ingredients except fresh lemongrass.

If no one carries it in Birmingham, does anyone have Atlanta grocery suggestions for my next trip over there at the beginning of October?

Thanks in advance,

Shirley Hicks, a Canuck amuck in the American Deep South.

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  1. Not sure how fresh they are (as in these sell "fresh" whole stalks but not sure how freshly cut they actually are), but Super Oriental and Chai's both have whole stalk lemon grass. So does Whole Foods and even V. Richard's. They are obviously much cheaper at the two non-fru-fru markets. However, I doubt that anything in those places in kosher.

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    1. re: Dax

      Fresh vegetables aren't a problem - they don't have to be certified.
      Prepared goods made at an industrial kitchen do.

      Since posting, I've called Chai's - they have fresh lemongrass. I'm going to pick some up on the way from home from campus Thursday afternoon.

      1. re: Velochicdunord

        I'm glad you found some. Note, Chai's has a $10 (I think) minimum for credit card orders so bring cash if only getting lemongrass. However, due to all of their great, reasonably fresh product, we rarely leave there with under $10 in goods anyway. I love all of their different noodles, tofu, frozen goyza, etc. Also spices are dirt cheap there.

        1. re: Dax

          Where is Chai's I have never been there before?

          1. re: smithareeny

            Southside. It's at the corner of 7th and I think 22nd.


            They also have a facebook page.

            1. re: Dax

              They get veggies delivered on Tues and Fri if you do care about freshness. If you don't get there early enough it will be picked over.