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Sep 11, 2012 09:40 AM

Fondue recomendations?

Does anyone have a favorite fondue place they can recommend in this city? I tried one place in Queens and it was terrible.

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  1. Artisinal is frequently recommended, but I stopped going there years ago, because I had consistently poor service, and found it noisy, crowded, and expensive. Perhaps others have had better experiences more recently?

    1. Well there's Taureau in the E Vill. I've not been, but, it's there.

      1. Whenever we need a fondue fix (which is only in the cooler months) we go to Artisanal. We have been numerous times over the years and have always found thier fondues excellent. It is noisy (although I think of it more as energetic) like a good bistro should be.

        1. I actually don't really care for the fondue at Artisanal. I have it maybe once a year and then re-decide that I don't like it. I haven't been recently, but used to enjoy the fondues at Kashkaval on 9th avenue. There was often a wait, and it was usually pretty hectic in there, but we were big fans. It's casual, no reservations, in the back of a specialty food shop. Always seemed like a neighborhood secret (we lived nearby), but was somehow frequently packed.

          1. I've not been, but the new Murray's cheese bar has fondue:

            Has anyone sampled?

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