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Sep 11, 2012 09:15 AM

questions on making my hot sauce last?

So i tend to make lots of hot sauce and i wanted it to last for more then a few days.

I read somewhere to cook it to a certain temperature and then to make sure the ph was at a certain level.

Does anyone know about this? How long of a shelf life will this give me? Would this be better then canning it?

thanks !

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    1. Commercial hot sauce lasts forever without refrigeration. The ingredients on the bottle are cayenne pepper, vinegar, water, salt, and garlic powder. But this may not be what you mean by "hot sauce"?

      1. I cook mine for 20 minutes after I bring it to a rolling boil. The PH of your hot sauce should be less than 4.6.

        I have 3 mason jars of my own mixed hot pepper mash fermenting as I type and I will make the hot sauce in approx 90 days.

        The Hot Pepper forum is a good source of information about making your on hot sauce.

        1. Echoing John Francis....what do you mean by pepper sauce and how much is lots?
          I make about a gallon of pepper sauce at a time.{ scotch bonnets,onions,garlic,vinegar,mustard and seasonings} and it's a uncooked sauce{ to retain the fruitiness of the peppers} that is traditional to the Caribbean.
          I limit any air in the bottles to retard oxidation and refrigerate after opening so it lasts me about a year or more.

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            I don't suppose you would share a recipe? It sounds lovely... and I have access to all of your ingredients (depending on "Seasonings").

            1. re: ldkelley

              I have several times over the years but I'd be happy to again.
              Pepper sauce in the Caribbean a very personal thing and every restaurant,roti shop, jerk ,bake and shark shack and family have their own recipe. This is my mother's.
              I will list the ingredients but the ratios are contingent on personal taste and tolerances.
              Scotch bonnet peppers. {habaneros are fine also but lack the fruitiness and hang time of scotch bonnets}
              White vinegar.
              Spanish onion.
              Fresh Garlic.
              Kosher salt.
              White granulated sugar.
              French's yellow mustard.
              Cilantro stems.
              Blend in food processor adding seasoning a little at a time,several tasting is necessary so have a glass of milk or some sugar handy.
              You are looking for a sauce that is bright and fruity and if done correctly the heat should take about 30 seconds to kick in and keep building from there.Hint: go easy on the mustard and cilantro, the rest is up to your preference but I like mine thick and lethal.
              Bottle in glass containers with plastic covers or you'll be sorry, I put it on everything from breakfast omelets to fruit snacks.

          2. I'd just can it. I can my homemade bbq sauce too.

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            1. re: rasputina

              Thanks Guys

              Has anyone tried adding a food preservative to help increase life of the sauce?

              i was looking into sodium benzoate in addition to boiling and keeping the ph below 4.6

              any thoughts?

              1. re: lestblight

                So i tried getting my ph to below 3,4,,,, which worked..i used vinegar for this.

                But now my sauce is just not what i like .. too vinegarry. Any otherway I can raise the ph without getting a vinegar taste? would using citric acid help? or phosphoric?