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Sep 11, 2012 08:41 AM

Canning Labels - Your favorites and why!

Part of the joy I get from canning is seeing my jars lined up on the shelf. They jewel tones of jelly, the visible spices hinting at the explosion of flavor within a container of pickles, green beans standing tall like a forest of tree trunks.

The lovely symmetry goes to hell the minute my (as my Grandmother said) sad chicken scratched labels were seen. Try as I might my handwriting just get worse.

To this end I have settled on a computer printed label which is placed over the lid, under the ring. This year I finally purchased a circle cutting gizmo and it just takes seconds to cut out each one. My favorite label is the round style Pastel Palette Canning Label from a free download from Hewlett Packard.

What works for you?

(Photos of pantry goods a plus!)

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  1. meatn3, thanks for sharing that site. I'm with you on the cursive, and my printing is now even getting bad! I had been using blank holiday address labels stuck to the lid, but I've run out of them and very much appreciate the link. I like another jar topper on that site, but there's nowhere to write on it. My friends often give me back the empty jars so I can fill them up again, and I hate having to clean off labels from the jar itself (although WD-40 helps), so I much prefer lid toppers.

    1. I just use a pointed sharpie and write directly on the lids, since they can't be reused anyway. Date of canning and it's contents, that's it!

      I also don't store my canned goods with the bands on them. Just the sealed lids. That way I immediately know if a seal goes bad and can be disposed of ASAP.

      1. thanks so much for sharing the idea of the circle cutting implement. I hadn't thought of this as an option, and it seems much easier than trying to get a precut circle label to print properly. likewise the link.

        I ended up getting labels, etc. for my fancy Weck jars from Zazzle, and now I'm thrilled to have a stash of last minute gifts at the ready. I also went a little nuts with the decorative tape. Washi tape, who knew such coolness existed? And colored bakers twine, whoohoo!
        Here's a look at the total little package:

        The only problem is they are sold by the sheet all with the same text, so I had to order a separate sheet for my jalapeno jam. I suppose a more adept person could leave the text off and print that part at home. I am not that person.

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          Your jars are so cute! Thanks for linking to the photo.

          (Note to self, learn how to post photos!)

        2. I bought a package of full sheet label stuff - it's a single label on an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet. That way I can print and cut it to whatever size or shape of label for canning or honey or even for just storing stuff in the cupboard. I use a design program to create the labels which gives me all kinds of flexibility of font and layout. I am also not above stealing artwork - drawings, borders, etc. - from the internet.

          Here's my honey label from last year.

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            That is so, so great! Excellent work. I would love to see that on a jar.

          2. I've been buying labels from A Lotta Labels ( ). They offer different shapes, sizes & colors. I like the kind that just stick onto the lid. I buy pretty simply designed ones and write on them myself. I did buy pre-printed ones for my sister one year and she loved them. They are also relatively inexpensive so that's a bonus for me.