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Canning Labels - Your favorites and why!

Part of the joy I get from canning is seeing my jars lined up on the shelf. They jewel tones of jelly, the visible spices hinting at the explosion of flavor within a container of pickles, green beans standing tall like a forest of tree trunks.

The lovely symmetry goes to hell the minute my (as my Grandmother said) sad chicken scratched labels were seen. Try as I might my handwriting just get worse.

To this end I have settled on a computer printed label which is placed over the lid, under the ring. This year I finally purchased a circle cutting gizmo and it just takes seconds to cut out each one. My favorite label is the round style Pastel Palette Canning Label from a free download from Hewlett Packard.


What works for you?

(Photos of pantry goods a plus!)

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  1. meatn3, thanks for sharing that site. I'm with you on the cursive, and my printing is now even getting bad! I had been using blank holiday address labels stuck to the lid, but I've run out of them and very much appreciate the link. I like another jar topper on that site, but there's nowhere to write on it. My friends often give me back the empty jars so I can fill them up again, and I hate having to clean off labels from the jar itself (although WD-40 helps), so I much prefer lid toppers.

    1. I just use a pointed sharpie and write directly on the lids, since they can't be reused anyway. Date of canning and it's contents, that's it!

      I also don't store my canned goods with the bands on them. Just the sealed lids. That way I immediately know if a seal goes bad and can be disposed of ASAP.

      1. thanks so much for sharing the idea of the circle cutting implement. I hadn't thought of this as an option, and it seems much easier than trying to get a precut circle label to print properly. likewise the link.

        I ended up getting labels, etc. for my fancy Weck jars from Zazzle, and now I'm thrilled to have a stash of last minute gifts at the ready. I also went a little nuts with the decorative tape. Washi tape, who knew such coolness existed? And colored bakers twine, whoohoo!
        Here's a look at the total little package:

        The only problem is they are sold by the sheet all with the same text, so I had to order a separate sheet for my jalapeno jam. I suppose a more adept person could leave the text off and print that part at home. I am not that person.

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          Your jars are so cute! Thanks for linking to the photo.

          (Note to self, learn how to post photos!)

        2. I bought a package of full sheet label stuff - it's a single label on an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet. That way I can print and cut it to whatever size or shape of label for canning or honey or even for just storing stuff in the cupboard. I use a design program to create the labels which gives me all kinds of flexibility of font and layout. I am also not above stealing artwork - drawings, borders, etc. - from the internet.

          Here's my honey label from last year.

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            That is so, so great! Excellent work. I would love to see that on a jar.

          2. I've been buying labels from A Lotta Labels ( http://alottalabels.com/Merchant2/mer... ). They offer different shapes, sizes & colors. I like the kind that just stick onto the lid. I buy pretty simply designed ones and write on them myself. I did buy pre-printed ones for my sister one year and she loved them. They are also relatively inexpensive so that's a bonus for me.

            1. I don't need fancy colored labels, but I'd be happy to find some label sheets with glue that I won't have to clean off with goo gone or other chemicals.

              Up to now I've been printing labels for spices and my staples canisters on plain paper and gluing them on with an Elmer's Glue stick. Once in a while one pops off but I just wet it and stick it back, so far that's worked. But actual labels I can just print off on the printer would be better, if I could get them with glue that's not going to make a mess if you need to peel the label off..

              1. I feel awfully un-cute compared to some of the adorable ideas shared here. I used to spend more time cute-ifying jars, but now I tend to go for efficiency. To that end, my trusty P-Touch labeler with clear tape and a sans-serif font. One line for the contents, a second line for the date. Nothing fancy, but it works. The labels stick well to glass and plastic, but also peel readily once you get a fingernail under a corner to lift them in order to re-use the container. Also, it's inexpensive and I have the P-Touch handy in the kitchen anyway since I keep many bulk flours and grains and the like in a variety of pantry jars that require labeling.

                1. There are so many cute ones, but I admit I'm lazy. When I use the metal lids I just write on it with a sharpie noting the contents and date.

                  I'm trying to figure out what to use on my weck jars and my masons when I use the tattler lids since I don't want to write on the tattlers since they are reusable. I have bad memories as a kid of having to try and scrub off the pretty labels from my moms jars. The jars I store spices in I just use the label maker machine tape. I looked at the dissolvable labels Ball makes but they have mixed reviews.

                  At this point I'm thinking masking tape LOL. This is only for the stuff I keep for us.