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Sep 11, 2012 08:39 AM

Please help me decide where to go for elegant, yet fun foodie dinner Washington DC between these restaurants:

We are in Washington DC in October for a weekend, staying near the White House. We are foodies from Toronto, who also like a place with lots of atmosphere. I've been combing the Chowhound boards and have come up with these places:

Blue Duck tavern

Do these sound about right, and if you only had two nights, which two would you choose? Thank you!!

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  1. They are very different. If you like long, multi-course dinners with very little choice, i.e., a tasting menu type of thing, at $135 per person and wine pairings at $70 per person, then Komi should stay on your list. Central is far more casual, has a vibrancy and buzz to it, and a full menu. I haven't been to Bibiana so I can't comment. Blue Duck Tavern I would describe as cozy and warm. Hope that helps. I don't want to make your life more difficult, but I would add CityZen to the list of candidates and would likely choose it. It is elegant but not in a stuffy way and the food is transcendent.

    1. I would recommend Komi (if you can get in). It different from most of the fine dining you will experience in the U.S. Central would be a nice offset to Komi. Very fun, lively feel with great bistro type food.

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        Wow, thanks!! I tried to get into Cityzen, but its only taking very late and very early bookings. have booked at Blue Duck and Central. Thanks again,

      2. Boy, talk about different types of places. Like others have said, if you can get in, Komi is the way to go, but if you don't have a reservation already, you aren't likely to get one for a weekend in October.

        Central is more casual, good food, but not "special" like Komi is. Oya has good food but can be pretty busy and loud. Blue Duck Tavern is a good choice, very good food and service.

        One restaurant I'd suggest you consider is Palena. I consider it one of the best restaurants in DC (the back room, not the Cafe, although the Cafe is fantastic for what it is.) Innovative cooking, good service, and a quiet elegance. Other places to consider that are not on your list are Adour, CityZen, Corduroy, Fiola, The Oval Room,Rasika, and Rogue 24

        If you are a "foodie" the strength of the DC dining scene is its ethnic diversity. Great Ethiopian restaurants,

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        1. re: dinwiddie

          Hi: i checked Palena, but it didn't get very good reviews on trip advisor, made me a little nervous. We've booked at Blue Duck tavern and Central. Fingers crossed. Thanks for your recommendations.

          1. re: Primitive001

            Blue Duck and Central are pretty different places.

            Blue Duck is a bit more formal, more sedate. The room is broken up, Shaker furniture that is not too inviting, and being it's in a hotel, it does seem a bit less local. Staff is a bit rigid. Some of the dishes are served to share, and I find that a little awkward.

            Central is a busy, bustling place. Quite loud. A little younger, city-ish audience. A little more casual. Better for a group I think. A wider variety of menu choices, from fried chicken to lobster burgers. Seems like it would be a little more in keeping with what you are after.

            RE: Rasika...I would categorize it as and Indian restaurant for people who don't like Indian food. It does have a bit of a "scene" about it, with a reasonable large bar area. But other than that, I don't get it.

            1. re: Pappy

              How about Fiola versus the blue duck?

              1. re: Primitive001

                Fiola is a hot ticket right now. They are turning tables on weekdays, unusual in DC. Fabio is an awesome chef, and his wife runs the front of the house. The dining room is classy, but loud. Lots of see and be seen right now. The tables in the front by the bar open up to the wide sidewalk, for a before or after drink, perfect this time of year.

                But so you is definitely Italian and it is definitely expensive.

                1. re: Pappy

                  Would you choose Fiola over the Blue Duck Tavern? We want some place with amazing food (obviously), but atmosphere too...

                  1. re: Primitive001

                    Absolutely I would choose Fiola. I can't imagine anyone has ever used the word "fun" to describe Blue Duck. And do Central the next night. Or even Brasserie Beck would be a good idea. Both of those have a good atmosphere, broader menus, and won't hit your wallet quite as hard.

              2. re: Pappy

                We LOVED everything about Rasika, esp. the food.

          2. I would also definitely suggest Rasika and Rasika West End, Tabard Inn, Fiola. Komi is a little austere.

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            1. ignore trip advisor, yet you have made good choices, you'll be happy.

              but you are missing out on either Rasika, at least for lunch or a nibble at the bar.

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              1. re: hill food

                Normally I would agree about ignoring TripAdvisor but in this case, being curious, I wanted to see what people had written about Palena. It isn't the kind of place that out-of-towners would normally go unless maybe they are visiting locals. I expected to read things like "too expensive." I was quite surprised. The reviews are detailed and voice legitimate concerns, mostly about poor service. I happen to love Palena and I've never had bad service. I wonder if this is a recent problem and if so, what is behind it.

                1. re: Just Visiting

                  I know that's what put me off, that the service was not great, can really ruin a meal. perhaps they have new management??

                2. re: hill food

                  Hmmmmmm, having second thoughts -- which location?

                  1. re: Primitive001

                    sorry Poo1 I've been straying, I've only been to the Penn Quarter one, the West End is recent. haven't heard anything negative about it yet. see susabella's comment below.

                    the idea of a grigio or martini or a seltzer and the Palak Chaat for a few minutes is worth pursuing.

                  2. re: hill food

                    Hmmm, having second thoughts. Which location???