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Sep 11, 2012 08:21 AM

What to buy for a potluck?

We are coming over to Vancouver this weekend to attend a housewarming/potluck party. We don't have time to cook so we're trying to figure out where we can pick up something delicious to bring. Any suggestions? We're staying in Kits and the party is in Coquitlam.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. How about spanakopita? Serrano Bakery in Kits does a nice one, and you can get decent tzatziki from Parthenon nearby, then cut it in pieces to serve. Only drawback would be having to buy it the day of the event.

    1. That's a question for your party hosts, no ?

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        We've had some suggestions, but I've also learned from experience that the recommendations from here are fantastic.

      2. You could get one of the "brown bags" from Les Amis du Fromage - they usually put them out on Saturday mornings, at the Kits location (though they may be doing them at the Hastings St. location now too, not sure). Buy a package of crackers and you're set. You can even spring for a condiment if you're feeling expansive. Also, this will travel well.

        The brown bags contain a sampler of cheeses, everyone usually enjoys getting to try a number of different fancy cheeses.


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            Thanks for the tip! I'll have to go check that out!

          2. Some Chinese BBQ from Chinatown perhaps.

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              Yeah. Bring in a whole roasted pig (or lechon), you'll be the star of the party :-D

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                I don't like sushi for potlucks. The sushi is all pre-made and refrigerated so the rice gets tough.

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                  I guess it would have to be premade unless the OP made rice and brought the fixings for everyone to make their own temaki (which is, BTW, a great thing to do for potlucks, used to do it all the time in uni when I lived in the snowbelt of Ontario, aka the land of no sushi) but not refrigerated. The OP could just order and pick it up on the way to the event, no?