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Sep 11, 2012 07:34 AM

MKE dining near Bradley Center

Any suggestions for something within walking distance? Most of the places I'd like to go to are on the other side of the river. Anything closer other than the local bars?

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  1. Mader's is a block away. Port of Call is three blocks. Karl Ratzsch's is 5-6 blocks.

    And if a mile isn't too far to walk, you can go high-end:

    1. Not sure which bars you already go to...

      If you want to stay very close/west of the river, we have had some good apps/sandwiches at Tutto.

      There is also a newer sports bar called Upper 90 that is supposed to be better than average for food. We have had beers there only, but saw some good looking bar food being served around us.

      While you will likely not be wowed by the food, they do have a great happy hour (drinks and food specials) at Molly Cools. They even run it on Saturdays, so that's a bonus.

      The Cheese Bar is also a nice calm destination for snacks and drinks.