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Sep 11, 2012 07:01 AM

How long does dinner take?

Going to Vegas with a group of friends next month, and I'm planning our one group dinner. I loved Sage so much last year that I think that's where I'm going to take us this time as well. The problem is figuring out how much time it really takes for dinner. Some of us will be going to a 10pm show the night we want to do dinner. If we have a table of 10 doing the tasting menu at Sage, how much time do I allow? Would at 7pm reservation be adequate?


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  1. It depends on the number of courses in your tasting menu and the location of the hotel where you're seeing the show. Strip traffic on weekend can be very different than weekday at night. Provide at least half hour to get there by taxi, longer if you have to drive (then park, then walk). As for the dining, discuss with the manager and they'll arrange based on your time constraint. Based on the number of people in your party, it'll probably be a fixed menu of pre-planned choices.

    1. I think a 7pm reservation for dinner with a 10pm show is too tight.

      I usually expect multi-course dinners to last around 2 hours for a party of two (of course, this depends on the number of courses). As the group gets larger, so does the amount of extra time spent throughout the meal. For a party of 10, I'd say your meal will last around three hours.

      I would do a 6pm reservation so you can comfortably finish between 8:30 and 9:15 without those going to the show ever having to feel like they need to start speeding things up. If it's getting to 8:45 and dessert courses haven't started, you might want to talk to the server about bringing the check along with the last course instead of customarily waiting to clear the last course and a few minutes of chit-chat/coffee time before the bill arrives.

      Remember a 10pm show really means they should be getting to their seats around 9:45. And if they still have to go to Will Call to pick up their tickets, it gets even tighter.