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Sep 11, 2012 06:40 AM

Charcuterie in Central NJ

Anyone? Anywhere? Restaurant would be first choice, but even a quality shop selling it would do...Thanks.

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  1. Not sure if this will be what your looking for but, I love this place.


    Mostly Polish & Eastern European Sausages.

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    1. re: drubenero

      they also have head cheese, dark and white and blood sausages. For more Italian/French, there is Bon Appetit in Princeton, they are decently priced and an okay selection. I usually hit up Whole Foods, Wegmans or a TJs for a chacuterie fix until i go to NY.

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        I love EP - so did the previous two generations of my family. The OP, however, might be looking more for the stuff available at Cheese Cave in Red Bank.

        1. re: MGZ

          Agreed, hence the 'Not sure'. After reviewing the Cheese Cave website, the charcuterie options appear to be of the cured meat variety, and a very nice selection. I have seen pates, and savory mousses available at Cheese On Main in Ocean Grove, perhaps similar items are available at the Cheese Cave as well. As far as restaurants, and again yet another NJ geographical question, Rats in Hamilton used to have an impressive array of charcuterie available as part of it's brunch on Sunday. I'm not sure if they still do brunch, and if they do, if charcuterie is still offered.

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            Good point about Cheese on Main - I actually prefer that place for my cheese as well.

      2. As far as restaurants go, and if Rumson can be considered Central NJ, Undici has the best charcuterie that I've had.

        1. In Priceton give elements a try. They have a house-made charcuterie plate consisting of some unique and classic selections. There are usualy around 8-10 different varieties and they are always changing.

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          1. re: AC Captain

            Thanks everyone. Yes, the cured meats available at Cheese Cave, Sickels,etc., are definitely worth trying... but I am looking for a more varied selection. I have also seen some choices at Whole Foods and TJ. Guess I just want an unpretentious, casual restaurant with top-notch charcuterie... or a high-end butcher in love with it. Oh, wait! I'll never find that in CNJ.

            ACCapt.: Elements has been on my list, now I even have more than a reason. coldbeer: Rumson is CNJ in my book... I had no idea Undici was doing charcuterie? Are we talking just cured meats, or pates and sausages as well?