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Sep 11, 2012 05:56 AM

New Orleans for our 20th Wedding Anniversary

Hi All...

Never been to New Orleans before (I'm a CA boy) and I'm in the beginning phases of doing some planning...It will be a winter trip and we will arrive on a Friday mid day and depart on Tuesday morning. That gives me 4 dinners and 4 lunches.

So...I need some help here....any suggestions to other threads and/or names of restaurants would be terrific!

Here is what we like---I'm a vegetarian...but do eat wife eats everything except fish (she does eat shellfish) We love Asian...we love fusion...we love experiencing new things and foods...We enjoy local’s types of places as much as the “must go to” top restaurants…

I'm open to any price frame....the best food is sometimes the least expensive....although...I'm also looking for some fancy dinner ideas we will be celebrating!!

Thanks for all the help upfront! I’ve used Chowhound for my 10 of our 20 anniversary trips and I have NEVER been steered wrong….

We are staying at Hotel Le Marais in the French Quarter...and not sure if I'm gonna need/want a car or can just get by with Public transportation....looking into that too!!

Here is what I have so far...can anyone add to it or (even better) comment on what I have thus far??

Dinner ideas:
Stella! ( I hear it's great but not really "New Orleans food")
Restaurant August
Commander's Palace

Lunch ideas:
Napoleon House


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  1. I have eaten at all of these restaurants & would highly recommend Emeril's and Clancy's. To those, I would add Brigtsen's for a dinner and Coquette for any meal. I love lunch & brunch there. There food is wonderful & the service is perfect! I also love Friday lunch at Galatoire's, but not sure you would be able to get in.
    I used to love August, but the last 2 times I have been, the food and service have really slipped, in my opinion, so I no longer recommend.
    Have a special anniversary!

    1. Skip Acme, stick with Felix's. Since I discovered Felix's, I haven't set foot in Acme.

      Love me some muffalettas at Central Grocer, but Napoleon's is a close second. Wash it down with a Pimm's Cup.

      I always go to Galatoire's early and have never had a problem. One of the few places I'll actually wait in line.

      A lot of folks like to hate on Antoines, but I've always loved the place, particularly the old school vibe, the waiters who've worked there for years, the broiled fish.

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      1. re: monkeyrotica

        Acme has gone so goddamn corporate it hurts to walk by there.

        1. re: hazelhurst

          The best part of eating at Felix's is relaxing over seafood and a beer while watching the line crawl at Acme across the street.

          1. re: monkeyrotica

            It should be mentioned that Felix's currently has no liquor license, so one should grab a beer (or other beverage) in a "go cup" elsewhere, and bring it along.

            Hopefully, as they progress in their reorganization, Felix's will get their license back.

      2. Had to look up your name for Louis XVI...great location on Conti Street.

        Transportation: we now have pedicabs in the FQ and cabs are always plentiful.

        Also fun to take the St. Charles Avenue street car, see the lovely homes and stop at The Columns for a drink. Get back on the street car and go to Carrollton and St. Charles and dine at Brigtsen's on Dante St., go on to Oak Wine bar for a nightcap. Take a cab back to the hotel.

        For the anniversary itself, I would recommend Commander's...will be celebrating ours there in November. Let them know that it is a special occasion and you will not be disappointed.

        For Asian lunch or dinner:Tamarind in the Hotel Modern St. Charles Avenue at Lee Circle.

        Dinners: Uptown/Commandrs, Clancy's & Brigtsens
        FQ: Irenes

        FQ Brunch/lunch: Muriels' & Arnauds

        Bars and apps: Hermes Bar at Antoines

        Congratulations and enjoy your visit.

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        1. I live in Berkeley, but go to New Orleans 1-2x a year, and have since long before Katrina . . . nonetheless, I'm no expert -- take what I say with a grain of salt, compared to a local.

          I've been to *all* of the places you list, most more than once. From the dinner list, I'd drop Muriel's (wasn't impressed); same with Emeril's (mostly tourists, and sort of -- meh!). I'd shift Commander's Palace to lunch, and take advantage of their 25 cent Martini's, and consider doing the same with Galatoire's.

          I'd also look at Coquette and definitely go to Restaurant Patois.

          1. Commander's (m-f) for lunch in the garden room is a must do. 25 cent martinis, prix fixe available, a fun truly nola experience.

            August offers a vegetarian degustation around $60 . It is a lovely top tier restaurant with polished food and service.

            R'evolution, over the top touches, very good food.

            Gw Fins, fresh, perfectly executed seafood, many with an Asian influence.

            Emeril's is boisterous, large portions, very good Asian tuna app (enough to share), angel hair w smoked mushrooms/tasso cream sauce, bbq shrimp, g iant tamarind glazed pork chop with poblano mole (req. your doneness preference as it is so large they often overcook). Banana cream pie.

            Luke, daily HH 3-6 50cent oysters, 1/2 price libations.

            Domenica, HH 3-6 1/2 price excellent pizzas, wine, beer and well drinks

            Galatoire's has classic old school creole cuisine. You would be going more for the quintessential nola experience rather than the food, which may leave you feeling disappointed.

            Definitely skip Muriel's.

            Felix's only for 1/2 shell. They lost their liquor license so no beer with those cold ones. Perhaps they will get it back by the winter.

            Pick up a muff from Central Grocery to take home. Stick it in your mini frig. They travel well. Bring to room temp before indulging.

            Johnny's has good RB po boys but consider Casamentos for some 1/2 shell, an oyster loaf or softshell w butter, pickles, hot sauce. They also have charbroiled.

            Maybe Root for lunch. Molecular gastronomy abounds.

            Mr. B's for lunch, bbq shrimp, gumbo yaya, crabcake.

            Bon Appetit!