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Sep 10, 2012 11:47 PM

uses for food processor

I recently inherited a very large food processor with all sorts of blades and attachments (juicing mechanism, etc.) and I'm not sure what I would use it for.

At the moment, I already have an immersion blender/mini food processor which I use for making peanut butter and smoothies. We're also expecting our first baby soon so I imagine we might get into making baby food.

Chowhounds out there, what do YOU do with your very large food processor?

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  1. mayonnaise, pasta dough, pie dough, slicing things in large quantities where shape doesn't matter, grating large amounts of cheese and probably other things I can't think of

    1. We use ours for making "ground" turkey, pork, hamburger, chicken, etc. in addition to dough, slicing, shredding, and the like. The ground meats are not the same in texture as what one usually associates with ground and if you are not careful, you can change meat into something resembling pate.

      1. Shredding/ grating vegetables -- e.g., potatoes for latkes, cabbage & carrots for cole slaw
        Making bread crumbs
        Pizza dough (Bittman recipe)

        1. Pasta dough
          Pie crust
          Shredded zucchini
          Bread crumbs
          I would probably not make most of these items without the large FP

          1. There is a good cookbook currently out of print that I always recommend and it is by Abbey Mandel. Ebay usually has a few, It was originally written for Cuisinart.