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Sep 10, 2012 11:32 PM

Best coffee shop for plain old coffee...

Most of the coffee threads I've seen here refer to specialty drinks: lattes, espresso, etc. I'm mostly a plain-black-coffee guy, with a preference for African and Indonesian offerings. What are some favorite spots for just a regular cup of joe? Or to buy beans to make your own? Do the chains beat the independents in this regard?

I admit, I used to really like the dreaded green-cup chain, but their quality has really flagged in recent years as they've tried to keep a lid on prices. They've moved away from quality and single-origin coffees and seem to be putting worse and worse stuff in their blends.

Blenz can be hit and miss, but I love their Safari Blend and Gastown Blend when they have it.

Recently I tried JJ Bean (CBC location) and liked their Wote Konga coffee, but it could have been a little warmer.

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  1. Do you mean "drip" coffee? Will pour-over coffee work for you? If so you might want to check out Revolver and 49th Parallel.

    1. I like any drip coffee from any old-fashioned greasyspoon diner.

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            These all look great thanks everyone. Gonna have to make a coffee run to Mt Pleasant soon. Fmed I have to admit I haven't tried pour-over coffee (too impatient) but it sounds like a great idea. I like French press but every time I have it I'm awake for a week:)

            1. re: koshfoodie

              What do you recommend at Matchstick? I took home some of their espresso beans a few weeks ago and they seemed very flat and characterless.

            2. Rocanini.
              Cafe is in Steveston. Roasting plant with a beverage-only setup is on W. 5th east of Cambie.