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Sep 10, 2012 10:13 PM

ISO dinner spot condusive for a fun catch-up meal

I'm meeting up with a friend and his girlfriend, whom I haven't seen in like 5 years, while in town for business. Since this is a special occasion, I want to be able to chat and have a great time, with 2 hour or so leisurely dining abilities. I know nothing of NYC so I'd appreciate some insight as this outing calls for a fun and yummy spot! Along the lines of places to compare in LA (from there): Church & State, Cleo, Red Medicine, Lukshon, or Hatfield's-esq but more on the $$$ AKA delish food and drink, lively, great ambiance and interesting tasteful decor/design but nothing stark and uber minimal or trendy/gimmicky. Want to be able to chat and have a great time, 2 hour or so leisurely dinging abilities. Open to lL cusines but as I live in Koreatown of LA, I'm cool on any Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, or Mexican.

Thanks in advance, looking forward to your suggestions!

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  1. If you want dinner in Manhattan, post to the Manhattan board, and if you want dinner in any other borough of New York City, post to the Outer Boroughs board. I'm not really sure what to recommend to you, but I will say that as an Angelino, you should forget about having Mexican food in New York, Vietnamese food is very weak here, and surely, our Korean food will not impress you, unless maybe if you go to Northern Boulevard in Flushing, Queens or further east. There is a decent amount of tasty Sichuan food in Manhattan and loads more regional cuisines in Flushing, but few Chinese restaurants in New York care much about decor. I'm guessing Kathryn would suggest Jungsik to you because it's a French-influenced modern Korean aka fusion restaurant. Maybe that's the kind of place you're looking for.