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Sep 10, 2012 08:28 PM

Craftsteak or Cedar's @ Foxwoods?

Where is the best "date night" place for dinner near Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun? I did a quick search and it looks like these are the top two restaurants. Anyone have an opinion on which is better? Am I missing anything? I heard Craftsteak in particular is pricey, but I don't mind as long as it is not ridiculously overpriced.

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  1. IMO Craftsteak is the better of the two, but TBH I haven't been blown away by either. Everything is ala carte, so expect the bill for a shared app, two dinners, a side or two, and a couple of drinks or wine to be about $120-$150 per head pre tax and tip. The room at Craftsteak is very nice and the service was excellent. But wtf is it with all the paintings of the cows? If I went again, I'd probably be tempted to try the chef's selection of 3 course meal with a wine pairing. I think that starts at around $170 pp for regular Angus and goes up for aged or wagyu (American) and other types of beef. No more $$$ than a typical high end steakhouse.

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      I agree with you totally. Both expensive, go with Craftsteak.

    2. Dont use neither one go to Foxwoods and David Burkes Steak House miles ahead of the others. Check the menu. I worked some functions with him his beef is aged 100 days in the salt room. Its $$$$ but they all are

      1. Thanks for the comments. That helps a lot! Will let you know what I decide (probably will do Craftsteak) and how it goes.