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Sep 10, 2012 06:21 PM

T Rex and Jimmy Bean's: New owners? [Berkeley]

I went to T Rex tonight for the first time in ages and saw a Change of Ownership sign on the front window. I asked our waitress and she said a new owner is taking over Jimmy Bean's and T-Rex very soon. BTW, our meal there tonight was quite good! Just cocktails, burgers and mac and cheese, but all delicious and the service was excellent, too. Curious to see what changes may be on the horizon!

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  1. That's interesting. I looked at the websites for T-Rex, Sea Salt and Lalime's and they no longer have links to other K2 restaurants. What's up?

    1. Interesting. The new liquor license for T-Rex is for Thomas Dashiell and Matthew Sturm. Thomas Dashiell is the general counsel of K2 (parent company of Lalime's, Jimmy Bean's, T-Rex, Fonda, Sea Salt, Paisan). Matt Sturm is one of the owners of Fly in SF.

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      1. Application-for-change-of-ownership sign on Lalime's. I kind of assumed they'd be keeping that one, since it was the first and, supposedly, the "nicest." So is Paisan the only one left?

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          Paisan is owned by a different LLC. Maybe it's insulated from whatever troubles are forcing them to sell of the others.

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            It appears that the transfer is to an LLC controlled by the Krikorian children.