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Sep 10, 2012 05:56 PM

Bistrot du Peintre?

Read a blog praising this bistrot as the " real deal" and worth seeking out for a classic bistrot meal but can't find anything about it on this site....anyone?

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  1. We've never eaten there, but it is across the street from a bus-stop we use frequently. It is an old art nouveau facility, beautiful leaded doors and windows and is always packed (with locals, I would assume).

    1. It's a lovely little place; I've never had anything bad there, and their food, although simple, is always prepared well; their wines are reasonably priced and well taken care of, etc. Nothing to cross the city for, but if you're going to be in the neighborhood, it's a very good choice.

      The last time I passed it, they seemed to be doing renovations. Does anyone know if it's reopened?

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        It reopens this week. And yes, it is a lovely place but not exactly undiscovered. My last time there, a dozen or so Japanese tourists. The waiter told me that they get rave reviews in Japanese travel mags.

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          It's what Chez Paul on rue de lappe was 20 years ago.

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            Not sure what you mean exactly, but I think I disagree; I remember Chez Paul 20 years ago. It was kitchy then, too, and they served corked wine back then, like today. The few times I've been there in the last 5-10 years, the food was very well prepared, with generous portions, but the wines aren't a very good deal. The Bistrot du Peintre is less kitchy, has a shorter card, and you can recommend the wine there. Niveau cuisine, I think they're roughly the same, but Chez Paul has more misses.

            1. re: tmso

              Better food is what I mean. I find myself at chez paul (not my idea) every few years, and the food is always not very good. Cant say I recall any corked wine, but I usually try to limit my displeasure by not ordering a huge meal and lotsa wine. YMMV....

              The Bistro DP is a very good deal for large steaks, not Severo quality, but tasty and huge. Also they always have decent wines for under 30 euros a bottle, sometimes closer to 20.

              Also, its down the street from my place.....

        2. Really nice place at which I've eaten a dozen times. I particularly like their os à moelle--very generous with the bone cut length-wise. Also 10-12 min. walk from the Gare de Lyon for those seeking a good restaurant in that area.