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Sep 10, 2012 05:43 PM

Italy in November?

Hi Everyone - I'm thinking of going back to Italy for a week in November.. I'm always partial to Rome but do you have any other recommendations for this time of year? Also heard Piemonte would be nice (truffle festival is one reason)... any feedback would be great and then I'll come back for foodback.


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  1. Fall is the best season for eating in Piemonte, but you can get a lot of rain and fog in November. The nebbiolo grape didn't get its name for no reason, and the preferred dining destinations are typically in the countryside and require a car. There are extensive posts on dining in Piemonte (and particularly the Langhe), so I won't reiterate, but you do need reasonable expectations about the weather and driving conditions.

    1. If you love white truffles, try going to San Miniato on the second, third, or fouth weekend of November for the San Miniato truffle festival....Tartufo EVERYWHERE at incredibly reasonable prices. Incredible!!

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        If you want white truffles, go to Piemonte not San Miniato. San Miniato has a number of virtues (including one of the all time great Italian films,La Notte di San Lorenzo, which is about the town) but great truffles is not one of them. The truffles are good, but no more than that.

      2. Thanks All. Great to know. Feel free to share other places that may be nice given the time of year.. (mid November)..

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          Ive been in Napoli in early november - it was fairly rainy and blowy , so much so that boat trips to Ischia and Capri that we had planned were unattractive. November is the wettest month in much of italy and of course the days are getting much shorter by then, . A friend who visited Venice in November one recent fall had to escape to Rome due to an extreme aqua alta. So look into the historic weather patterns and consider that a city might offer more for you to do on a rainy day than the countryside (in addition to your eating, of course!)

          Plenty of good food in the fall from funghi porcini and the truffles to game meat, fruits, artichokes etc.

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            Thanks for the advice.. I think we'll be choosing between Piemonte and Tuscany (with a stop in Rome if we choose the latter).

        2. Plan stops in hot spring towns. It is the perfect way to ward off the wet november chill.

          We visit Bagni Vignoli in December and January. The water is hot and there are several very good restaurants in the pretty town.

          Close to Rome, near Viterbo is Termi dei Papi.

          1. I have visited both Piemonte and Venice & the Veneto during November. It is a great time to visit both regions.

            Truffles in season are obviously an attraction in Piemonte during November.

            November is a great time to visit Venice, as it is largely empty of tourists most weekdays. Dishes with zucca (pumpkin) are featured at that time of year.

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              "November is a great time to visit Venice, as it is largely empty of tourists most weekdays. Dishes with zucca (pumpkin) are featured at that time of year."

              We loved Venice in November, but as jen kalb mentioned, there is the threat of the aqua alta. We found it kind of romantic (I know, odd) and adventurous, but others may not. That said, having Venice to oneself is marvelous. It's one of our favorite cities in Italy.

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                The Locanda di San Martino in the Sassi District of Matera, Basilicata. Sassi denotes Stones, in English. It is a wonderful small city to explore and to dine in too. It is located close to the trulli architecture in Puglia as well; all world heritage sites too.

                The weather is much nicer in Puglia and Basilicata than up in the north.