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Sep 10, 2012 05:17 PM

High end Elgin restaurant suggestions

Looking to take a client to as nice a dinner as possible in Elgin which is where he is located. Any suggestions? Thanks

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  1. I'm not that familiar with that area, but I do know of a few nice places nearby. Note that none of these is right in Elgin itself, and I'm not sure whether there is anything even moderately upscale right in Elgin. (Perhaps those who are more familiar with Elgin than I am can point you in the right direction.) But Elgin is surrounded by upscale communities with upscale dining options. To the north is Montarra in Algonquin (and 1776 in Crystal Lake is further north). To the northeast is Barrington Country Bistro in Barrington. To the east is Schaumburg, which has several upscale steakhouses (Chicago Prime, Morton's, Sam and Harry's, Wildfire), and Shaw's for seafood. To the southeast is Sergio's, a terrific Italian restaurant in Itasca. To the south is St. Charles (not sure what's there) and just south of that are Niche and Wildwood in Geneva. All of these places are 5-10 miles away and should take no more than 15 minutes or so driving.


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      Great, thanks for the suggestions. Good call to look on the outskirts of Elgin, I know a few of those nicer places to dine.

    2. I've had trouble finding a top-flight restaurant in Elgin proper. Some good suggestions above; I would add Francesca's Campagna in West Dundee. Not quite high end, but the restaurants in this chain are pretty reliable and a safe bet for a client dinner.

      1. I would go to St. Charles or Geneva - my personal favorite is Zaza's Trattoria (if Italian works). I did think of Buckingham's at the Grand Victoria Casino - never ate there myself, but the menu looks good. Elgin is definitely lacking higher end places...

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          As always nsxtasy has pretty much hit it on the head. Schaumburg would have the highest number of 'high end' places. I like Montarra but havent been there for awhile. There is also a Coopers Hawk Winery and steak house, and a Ruth Chris steak house in the Arboretum shopping center in South Barrington at Northwest Hwy and Rt 59. Also, might not be nice enough, but there is a Biaggi Italian place in Algonquin, on Randall in Algonquin Commons. Almost directly across from Montarra.

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            Not Northwest Highway, it's on Higgins and 59