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Sep 10, 2012 05:13 PM

Emerils or Dantes

Which would you pick....have room for 1 more dinner....

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  1. Emeril's...boisterous and fun. Stick to his originals; angeo, hair with smoked mushrooms and tasso cream sauce( tuna app is also good and sized for sharing), tamarind glazed pork chop with poblano mole, andouille crusted drum(sometimes redfish), banana cream pie.

    The best dish at Dantes is the maple flavored chicken under a brick. Unfortunately, the skin is mushy.

    1. Welll . . . I've been to Dante's several times and like it. I've never been to Emeril's because I haven't been able to afford it. If you can swing it, I'd go with Emeril's. Dante's is great but, from what I hear, Emeril's is on a whole other plane.

      1. I think Dante's is better for brunch, but it has lovely outdoor patio seating so depends on what kind of ambiance you are looking for. Emeril's is all indoors, I think. Personally, I would choose Boucherie for your "one more dinner."

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            I don't go to Boucherie. I went when they first opened, finding it to be mostly creatively plated bbq. It may have morphed since then. IMO, much of it's popularity is do to it's lower price points.

            I do not know your other dining choices but will throw some out that that I would choose before the 2 you mention:

            GW Fins
            Lilette (multi course appetizer tasting, perhaps a split entree as well, bottle of prosecco). . req a booth, other tables are cramped.

            1. re: JazzyB

              Already have R'evolution and GW Fins....August was planned for lunch but they called that they will be closed for some sort of renovation...Thinking of Herbsaint for lunch....

              1. re: ncara

                Herbsaint is best for dinner. Commander's lunch in the garden room (if it's not on your list) is a no brainer.

                1. re: JazzyB

                  The lunch is for our last day before leaving for the much time should we allow for lunch at either Herbsaint or Commander's???

                  1. re: ncara

                    I would not rush Commander's. To me, it is more the ambiance/experience than the food. But, i have been there only once. What about Domenica for lunch?

                  2. re: JazzyB

                    Commander's 90min. give or take 1/2hr. Herbsaint 60 min. give or take 15 min. Domenica's service can be spotty/slow.

              2. re: ncara

                ncara... here was my boucherie review on TA: "Boucherie stands out for service & creative food twists in a city renowned for great hospitality and gourmet delights. Very welcoming, no pretense, amazing cocktails --my guest had the dark n stormy which was yummy, I can't remember what I had. Although Boucherie is famous for the boudin balls and the Krispy Kreme bread pudding (see other reviews) I think they do a wonderful job with the local fish plates, and I am a huge fan of the Thai Chili Chocolate Chess Pie - my new favorite NOLA dessert!"

                Re-capping, looks like the dessert was my favorite @ Dante's. Some of my best experiences in NOLA (frequent visitor, not resident) have been in the small, uptown, cottage-style restaurants, i.e. Boucherie, Dante's, Coquette, Patois. My last trip Boucherie scored as the most memorable. It is very tiny and convivial.

                Dante's is lovely but (for me) is better @ brunch. I have only been to Emeril's for lunch and it was Ok, but not outstanding.

                1. re: karendor

                  Emeril's is far better for dinner.