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Sep 10, 2012 05:05 PM

Heritage pork availability in the MSP area

Hi all,

I want to purchase some heritage pork, either duroc or berkshire, without having to purchase a whole or half pig. Are there any butcher shops or meat stores in the Twin Cities that sell smaller portions?

Thanks for any assist!

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  1. The Co-ops are a good start. The Fresh Air pork and pastures a plenty are both berkshire, and you should be able to find them definitely at Seward. I don't know about where to find the Duroc, unless you find compart family duroc(lund's, kowalski's maybe?), but I think the Berkie is pretty nice. Clancey's would also have probably berkshire, I think from Tim Fisher. A little Red Wattle would be fun, but haven't seen it except for whole hog. Heartland usually has some Mangalitsa in some form, they are worth a call.

    1. Coastal Seafood sells berkshire pork cuts.

      1. yes Clanceys carries Fisher Farm pork. Seward has Pastures a Plenty. you can get Prarie Pride Farm stuff directly from them at the St. Paul farmers market.

        1. Prairie Pride Farm sells Berkshire pork at the Saint Paul Farmers Market. We love their sausages!

          1. I'm not a meat eater, but I definitely noticed Berkshire pork on offer at the St. Paul Farmers Market this past weekend.