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Sep 10, 2012 04:52 PM

Hole-in-the-wall eats recommendations

I have done Piccolo, The Bachelor Farmer...and have to say I love Broder's Pasta Bar. I have been to a few places that I consider hole-in-the-wall....minimal atmosphere, but great food for the price. I'm thinking of Matt's ande The 5 8 Club. Are there hole-in-the-wall pizza,Chinese, Mexican, Thai spots you can recommend?

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  1. For Mexican I highly recommend Pineda Tacos. There is one on Lake St, just west of the light rail station and also in Plymouth across the parking lot from the Willow Creek movie theater.

    1. For Thai, I would suggest Bangkok Thai Deli in St. Paul or the sister restaurant Krungthep Thai on Eat Street/Nicollet in Minneapolis (although Bangkok Thai Deli counts much more as a hole in the wall sort of place - it is in the middle of a random mall-like building on University, while Krungthep has more of a "real" restaurant feel).

      I like Quang on Eat Street for Vietnamese.

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        Cheng Heng on University Ave in frog town has fantastic Cambodian food. Its a dive with a wonderful family running it. The food is great. I would also recommend On's Thai food on University west of snelling Ave. This place served terrific Thai food.

      2. Pizza

        John's Pizza
        Crescent Moon


        Pancho Villa
        Los Ocampo
        La Loma


        Bangkok Thai Deli
        Asian Deli


        Evergreen Chinese

        Sole Cafe - Korean
        Cheng Heng - Cambodian
        Emily's - Lebanese
        Black Sea - Turkish
        Quang - Vietnamese
        Los Andes - Ecuadorian
        The Nook - Burgers
        Big Daddy's - Ribs

        1. Homi on University in St. Paul has to qualify as a quintessential "hole-in-the-wall". Gorditas el Gordo on Lake at 35W in Minneapolis as well. There are any number of small, plain Mexican places on Lake with little atmosphere.

          I would think Keefer Court on Cedar (at Riverside) would qualify for Chinese.

          There are a number of others I can think of but they would be outside the "pizza, Chinese, Mexican and Thai" request.

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            Go for it! Who knows exactly what mood we'll be in......and quite frankly, I couldn't find any recent chat on the topic! Bring on the 'hole-in-the-walls"!

          2. A couple of Saint Paul, East Side recommendations:

            Red Savoy

            Taqueria Los Paisanos