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Sep 10, 2012 04:41 PM

looking for help near candlestick park

I will be in san francisco for 3 days in november. I have a very good idea of places I am going to eat on all the days, thanks to all the very informative theads on this site. But I will be attending the Bears vs 49ners game monday night and have not seen to many threads for places to eat around Candlestick park. I love all kinds of food, need help for somewhere to eat before game and maybe after somewhere close to the stadium. I wont have a car so walking distance would be a plus but can take cab or public trans. Thanks everyone for your advise. I cant wait to visit.

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  1. The Polish Sausages, inside the venue are to die for....

    1. Queens Louisiana Po'boy Cafe, before, about a mile away. Don't walk it, cab it.

      1. There is nothing within walking distance to Candlestick Park. There are plenty of good choices within a short cab or car ride, but the neighborhood can be dicey. How are you getting to the game?

        1. Candlestick's on the far side of nowhere. You'd have a lot more options eating near one of the stadium shuttle stops in the Richmond, Sunset, downtown, or on Van Ness.

          1. Im going to take a cab down there early. Im researching places to see around that area. Im also going to walk around parking lot to see all the tailgating. I plan on getting down there around noon or so mostly just to beat the traffic, never been in san francisco before but i assume the traffic will be pretty bad.

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              It's a wasteland. The shuttles don't even start until 3. The dump's open from 7am.

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                Traffic isn't that bad at the stick, particularly on the way in. There really isn't any reason to show up more than an hour before the game.. My suggestion would be to let us know where you are cabbing from and chowhownders can give you some suggestions in route.