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Sep 10, 2012 04:11 PM

food and drinks near Union Transfer?

looking for pre show eats near 10th and Spring Garden. usually we go to SPTR. all recommendations are appreciated. thanks!

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  1. Sazon has really good Venezuelan food - it's a BYOB and right across the street. There's the Trestle Inn, even SIlk City Diner. Chinatown is only a few blocks away.

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    1. re: rsgdmd

      thanks - based upon previous posts we were thinking Prohibition or the Institute.

      1. re: brightman

        I ate at Prohibition before a show at UT and I really liked it.

        1. re: lawgirl3278

          Tried to go to Prohibition pre-show this past Sat and it was packed, ended up at the Institute. Great beers on tap, solid bar food, 10% both if you're headed to UT.

        2. re: brightman

          Prohibition is a solid gastropub, not as good as SPTR but little is.

      2. Last time we saw a show there we ate in Chinatown. If the weather's good it's a short walk. Dim Sum Garden is great if you can do without alcohol, or Rangoon (Burmese) which has a license.

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          I do love the soup dumplunges at Dim Sum Garden.

        2. Everything everyone just said. Prohibition, the Institute, Sazon, Jose's on 10th just below SG. You could even walk to Route 6 or Alla Spina if you show up early, they're about the same distance as Chinatown and much closer than Silk City.

          1. Prohibition or Institute are both great (I might put Prohibition slightly higher, but I really like both).

            There is also Llama's Tooth directly across the street from UT. Great (well-priced) bottle list and a great patio to hang out on. However, the service, while very friendly, is generally really slow and the food is good, but not great.

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              Llama Tooth's patio is where we spent about 2.5 hours eating and drinking before showtime, on the recommendation of the Union Transfer staff. Met Bob Mould and his band while we were there; they were having their preshow meal. Great bottle list, good burgers and salads. The ahi tuna on the Asian Salad was cooked perfectly. Service was friendly and attentive.