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Sep 10, 2012 03:49 PM

After walking the High Line...

My godson, who just graduated from college, is coming up from DC for a job interview. Am going to take him on the High Line, and then to a casual (but jovial) dinner. Any suggestions? We'll be walking south-ward, so anything below Chelsea would be best. (Also- if he gets the job, wil probably be treating him to dinner a number of times in the next months, so please don't break the bank!) Many thanks!

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  1. How large is your proverbial bank (i.e. what is your budget before tax, tip, and wine/drinks)? What time of day/day of the week?

    Is this an early dinner? Are you willing to wait for a table?

    How will you be dressed? He in interview clothing, and you in something similar? If so, you could go to Scarpetta, perhaps. have seen people get away with smart casual clothing there, especially if sitting outside.

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    1. re: kathryn

      Dinner around 8. Probably more on the smart casual side, as he'll probably leave jkt etc at my apt. Would like to keep bill around $100 or a bit over.

      1. re: kathryn

        I wore nice shorts there on a beastly HHH day.

      2. Go to Scarpetta on 14th St. A little pricey, but memorable.

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        1. Pizza at Co.
          Much more casual (but jovial): Grand Sichuan, steamed lobsters from the Lobster Place in Chelsea Market

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          1. re: rose water

            Thanks rose water.are there tables at the market where you can eat the lobsters?

            1. re: gmhopkins2

              Right outside the Lobster Place there are small tables, and some counter height seating. I also like their lobster roll, though the sorry coleslaw and chips it's served with could use some work.

              1. re: gmhopkins2

                Yes, there are tables and chairs in the hallway of the "mall" where you can sit -- kind of like a long, dispersed food court.

                1. re: gmhopkins2

                  Realize this is a market, not a restaurant. You go to a window within a fish store and then look for a place to sit: stools at a counter within the store or outside at aluminum tables. If your godson is in tie and suit pants, do you really want to make him tackle a lobster at a market?

                  Another idea at very south end of Highline, Recette. Pastis can be nice for outside meal if evening weather is pleasant. Good people watching for a new New Yorker.

              2. Colicchio and Sons Tap Room, Market Table in Chelsea Market...I also second Scarpetta.

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                1. re: Barcelonian

                  Seconding Barcelonian's recs, particularly Tap Room.

                  1. re: Scott_C

                    Thanks to both of you. Had thought about the tap room, the food is delicious...however I was there recently --ditto grand Sichuan -- and thought it would be fun to try something new. What is the market table like?

                    1. re: gmhopkins2

                      It's called Green Table. Limited menu, seasonal fare, all of which is quite good. It's not earth shattering or particularly inventive, but they have delicious crudites with wonderful local vegetables, a really solid burger, etc. Limited seating inside the restaurant, and one large table outside. The outside table is right near the fountain in the middle of the market, and is a pretty high traffic area, so it can get noisy (but was ideal when I was schlepping around a toddler who wouldn't necessarily sit still through a whole meal, stroller, gear, etc).

                2. Thanks to everyone . Will give my young friend his choice, and see how far he wants to walk. Really appreciate this.