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Sep 10, 2012 03:44 PM

Triangle Noodle Shops (Ramen, etc)

Hi- I'm wondering if we in the Triangle (Durham, CH pref but willing to travel) have any yummy noodle shops springing up? The break in the heat has me thinking about a steaming bowl full and I don't want the dried package from the store like I had in college! Thanks!

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  1. I think the Korean places like Vit Goal would be what you're looking for. Also Gourmet Kingdom in Carrboro has giant bowls of noodle soups.

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      No noodle shops, but you can find a few good noodle dishes at the following places

      Pho Far East off Capital blvd in Raleigh

      Asian Grill on Falls of Neuse in Raleigh

      Soul Garden Atlantic and Milbrook Raleigh

      Super Wok Cary

      Grand Asia in Cary, they also have a good selection of fresh frozen noodles to take home with you.

      There are others but this is a good starting place.

    2. Since you wrote "Durham, CH", Raleigh is a bit far off. For Korean soups, Min Ga in CH is superb. Durham's Pho 9N9 is exceptionally good for pho. Saigon Grill in Durham is good as well, but has a bit more cinnamon in the broth than does 9N9, and they sometimes use too many noodles per bowl. A bit south of CH town, in Southern Village, Merlion does a nice array of Singapore soups.

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        I can't speak to any of the other restaurants, but I disagree strongly about Pho 9N9. I don't feel that there's anything special at all about their pho and truthfully didn't think it was all that good. Pho Far East in Raleigh is not bad, although not as good as the restaurant at Asian Plaza on Capital when it was at it's best. There's new signage at that location (Capital and Brentwood) but no indication of when it will open. Here's hoping for some seriously good Vietnamese food.

        It would be great if someone were to open a ramen shop here. I have fond memories of a hole in the wall noodle shop in New Haven which helped make CT winters a lot more tolerable.

      2. The closest I've found to a true noodle bar is China Buffet in Durham, believe it or not. Walk past all the buffet stuff to the noodle area in the back. There you can pick from 4 different noodles, 5-6 different broths, and then toppings you'd like added, which includes exotic items like fish balls, roast duck, and shrimp. And since it's a buffet you can get as much as you like!

        1. Kurama, also the best sushi spot I've been to in NC, has amazing noodles

          1. Thanks to all for great ideas. Some of the places I've been to but ordered other things. My son and I will make a list and spend winter slurping our way through!