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Triangle Noodle Shops (Ramen, etc)

Hi- I'm wondering if we in the Triangle (Durham, CH pref but willing to travel) have any yummy noodle shops springing up? The break in the heat has me thinking about a steaming bowl full and I don't want the dried package from the store like I had in college! Thanks!

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  1. I think the Korean places like Vit Goal would be what you're looking for. Also Gourmet Kingdom in Carrboro has giant bowls of noodle soups.

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      No noodle shops, but you can find a few good noodle dishes at the following places

      Pho Far East off Capital blvd in Raleigh

      Asian Grill on Falls of Neuse in Raleigh

      Soul Garden Atlantic and Milbrook Raleigh

      Super Wok Cary

      Grand Asia in Cary, they also have a good selection of fresh frozen noodles to take home with you.

      There are others but this is a good starting place.

    2. Since you wrote "Durham, CH", Raleigh is a bit far off. For Korean soups, Min Ga in CH is superb. Durham's Pho 9N9 is exceptionally good for pho. Saigon Grill in Durham is good as well, but has a bit more cinnamon in the broth than does 9N9, and they sometimes use too many noodles per bowl. A bit south of CH town, in Southern Village, Merlion does a nice array of Singapore soups.

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        I can't speak to any of the other restaurants, but I disagree strongly about Pho 9N9. I don't feel that there's anything special at all about their pho and truthfully didn't think it was all that good. Pho Far East in Raleigh is not bad, although not as good as the restaurant at Asian Plaza on Capital when it was at it's best. There's new signage at that location (Capital and Brentwood) but no indication of when it will open. Here's hoping for some seriously good Vietnamese food.

        It would be great if someone were to open a ramen shop here. I have fond memories of a hole in the wall noodle shop in New Haven which helped make CT winters a lot more tolerable.

      2. The closest I've found to a true noodle bar is China Buffet in Durham, believe it or not. Walk past all the buffet stuff to the noodle area in the back. There you can pick from 4 different noodles, 5-6 different broths, and then toppings you'd like added, which includes exotic items like fish balls, roast duck, and shrimp. And since it's a buffet you can get as much as you like!

        1. Kurama, also the best sushi spot I've been to in NC, has amazing noodles

          1. Thanks to all for great ideas. Some of the places I've been to but ordered other things. My son and I will make a list and spend winter slurping our way through!

            1. It's not a noodle shop, but I get my go-to ramen fix from Kashin in Cary. I agree that Pho Far East is probably the best of the lot for local pho, but it's still nothing spectacular, just something that helps to tide me over in between trips to the DC area and my precious Pho 75. I used to like the Malaysian noodles at Fortune Palace in Raleigh, but sadly, they're now closed.

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                I've made ramen at home a few times from the Momofuku cookbook. Not as good as Tokyo, but certainly worth the effort. I used frozen Chinese noodles as recommended by the recipe.

              2. My favorite jan pong is at China Express. I know the name of the place makes it suspect and I'm not korean but that's my favorite in the area. I order mine korean/spicy/large.

                I think Tai Pei cafe is run by the same folks who used to run Ma Ma Wok. Their spicy beef noodle soup should be pretty good. That used to be my go-to there.

                Of course, what I really wish for is a ramen noodle shop and there's none in the area.

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                  You need to try the spicy beef noodle soup at Super Wok, so far it is my favorite in the area. Also the beef noodle soup at Grand Asia is also good.

                2. Kurama Sushi and Noodle Express in Chapel Hill has a small number of ramen dishes. I've had the sushi and it was pretty good - excellent prices.


                  1. If you are ever in Cary, I recommend you try Tangerine Cafe. Their lunch offerings are a really good deal too!


                    1. Since it's still quite chilly and definitely soup weather, I thought I'd update this thread with a new place for noodle soups in Chapel Hill - Mei Asian. It's a cute little place on East Franklin right near the Varsity Theatre. I had dinner there for the first time tonight and really enjoyed it.

                      The menu covers a lot of ground and many Asian styles, but a large portion of their menu is devoted to noodle soups. I ordered the spicy beef ramen, which also came with a poached egg, some greens, and some kimchi on the side. I don't think the noodles were homemade, but the dish was very good and at just the right spice level (hot without being mouth-numbing). My friend ordered the Malaysian wonton mee soup, which had much more delicate than my dish, but with a well-developed and flavorful broth. Other noodle soups included pho, tom yum, Malaysian curry (which I assume will be laksa), and udon - all with various veggie/meat/seafood combinations and priced $8-10.

                      If you get a noodle craving, I'd suggest checking them out - I will certainly be back to try out a few more menu items!

                      1. Did anyone get to the pop-up Ramen shop at Ninth St. Bakery? I did not but heard very positive things about the food.

                        1. Put simply no there is not a dedicated nooodle/ramen place, but as the people have mentioned you can find items in various restaurants to fit the bill. It is something I wish would come to one of these small shops that goes out of business. Like Totto Ramen or one of the china town noodle places that seems to have survived in that city while offering great value for tasty food in New York or a place that you may see in San Fran with a person actually pulling noodles.

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                            Kanki opened up a noodle place above their main restaurant at Crabtree Valley Mall. The noodles were good, could wish the prices were a little bit better.


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                              Yeah but there needs to be a place in the pedestrian areas like dt durham, franklin street, fayetteville mall area..

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                                This is excellent news and I hope to try it soon. I just hope that they're not reheating Myojo noodles and serving them.

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                                    I pretty much agree with the reviewer. There's nothing really wrong with the place, but there's not much really right, either. It's okay, that's all.