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Sep 10, 2012 02:04 PM

Challah bread for Rosh Hashanah

Does anyone have any good suggestion as to where I can purchase raisin round challahs that taste really good. I need them for the holiday and wonder who makes them really well.

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  1. I am interested as well. Plenty of good plain challahs around but the raisins ones seem MUCH harder to find.

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      Starting now, it should be pretty easy to find raisin challahs, as it is Rosh Hashanah Sunday evening.

    2. I've gotten the rounds from both Kupel's in Brookline and Clear Flour. Kupel's is a bit sweeter (although not nearly as sweet as Cheryl Ann's) and ClearFlour a bit more bread-like/less sweet. They are all great, but your sweetness preference for challah will determine which is really for you. Kupel's always has raisin ones.

      Kupel's will have plenty but I believe ClearFlour must be reserved. They often make some tasty rugelach around the holidays as well.

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        1. It's all about Cheryl Ann's. I have never had a Challah that even compares. I used to have my mother ship them to me for the holidays when I lived in St. Louis.

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            Cheryl Ann's is carried by some Shaw's markets.

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              I've also seen Cheryl Ann's at BJs and I think some Roche Bros. carry it.

              That said, I find Cheryl Ann's challah over-rated. It is way too sweet, and frequently under-baked. I liked Zeppy's challah, but they sold off their bagel division and went out of business a while ago.

              Anyone have any opinions on Trader Joe's or Whole Foods?

              1. re: jira

                Whole Foods is where I buy food the most, but I wouldn't buy their challah again. Just didn't taste much like challah to me - I like some sweetness and definitely moist chewy texture. It was perfectly fine slightly eggy but not sweet or moist sandwich bread to me. I have bought Trader Joe's more than once - it's not up there with the greats already mentioned by others, but I wasn't expecting that - more a modest version, with a touch of sweetness and the chewiness I look for.

          2. MIT's Challah for Hunger club sells them for $5 on fridays at the first floor of the Student Center and they were pretty tasty last semester. As to flavors...I usually go late so they only had nutella and plain....they should carry raisin