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Sep 10, 2012 02:05 PM

The Square Dot Replaces First Choice Noodle House in Alhambra

The Square Dot has opened in this space, also previously occupied by various iterations of Won Tin Noodles. The Square Dot describes itself as serving modern Asian Cuisine. It most resembles a Hong Kong style cafe with emphasis on noodle dishes and rice plates. Nothing on the menu really jumped out at me, except perhaps Japanese salmon fried rice Address is 1124 W. Valley Blvd.

In other news along Valley Blvd., the chain boba shop in the Alhambra shopping center housing 101 Noodle Express and Dip's Cafe is now a Cha Bei Bei. And in the space in San Gabriel (301 W. Valley Bl.) most recently occupied by Tea Time (and previously, 13 other restaurants) new signage heralding Tasty Dining and covered up windows indicates a 15th tenant since 1990 in the works.

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  1. Well, first choice noodles didn't last long. The times I've been there for lunch it was pretty empty with just a few people. The menu was all over the place so its no surprise it closed. Based on your review of the the new place, it doesn't sound as if this will last long either.

    1. People need to take a page out of Din Tai Fung's playbook and hire an astrologer or feng shui master.

      Some places just aren't meant to be.

      1. Don't see how The Square Dot can call itself modern Asian Cuisine, looks like the same stuff that has been recycled in the 626 forever.

        1. the only decent item was the thai chicken rice dish.

          1. I came here recently after coming across it on yelp.

            I split 2 items:

            pork neck ramen, char siu rice

            The pork neck ramen was ok. Absolutely nothing about the dish stood out. This isn't a chinese style vs japanese style thing. It simply wasn't good. The broth was like drinking pure salt, the pork slices were somewhat tender, but also overly salted. Maybe if only one of them was salty, instead of both, it would have tasted ok. The noodles were also overcooked.

            The char siu rice looked a lot better in the pictures on yelp and their ads than my order. For the price, I expected either larger portions or higher quality... neither were present.

            I got maybe 10 thin slices of flavorless char siu with a sunny side up egg and some veggies. For the price, I'd recommend going to sam woo or any other bbq shop.

            They also didn't have hk style milk tea (i asked the waiter and he said it was not) which i find a bit odd. I guess they are going for the "boba tea shop" style milk tea.

            Anyways, maybe I ordered the wrong items, or maybe I went on an off day. It just wasn't that great of a meal. I'll try again later.