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Kelowna suggestions

Hi all,
Heading up to Kelowna in a couple of weeks. There's a not lot of recommendations and most reviews I found on Chow are a bit dated. Some suggestions and critic for the list below is appreciated.

Here are my tentative choices
Day 1
Lunch-Firewood Bakery
Dinner-at condo or Everest

Day 2
Breakfast/snack-Farmers market
Dinner-Le Plateau Bistro

Day 3
Breakfast/Lunch ???
Dinner-Old Vines

Day 4
Breakfast-Cherry Pitt or at condo
Back to Vancouver.

Thanks all !!

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  1. My SO had a very nice dinner at Raudz last summer...

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      Yeah I had a great meal at Raudz a few weeks ago. We just asked the waiter to surprise us and everything we had was excellent. He brought us the heirloom tomatoes, the arctic char and the lamb. I'd definitely go back, but be prepared for a long wait (1.5 hours on long weekend Sunday).

      I also ate at Quail's Gate Old Vines for lunch. We ordered the burger (with upgraded fries), beets, and the cioppino, and the cioppino was a miss but the rest was excellent.

    2. Just got back from there last week. Had a fabulous dinner at Quail's Gate Old Vines. Definitely a hit, in fact, I believe one of my DP's had a "personal moment" with her steak, it was that good. Lol. We also did a dinner at Waterfront Wines, it was pretty good but I think Old Vines did better although the menu was much more interesting at Waterfront Wines. I ordered the sweetbreads to start, tasty but I wish they were crisper on the exterior. The pork belly starter was definitely a hit.

      For lunches, if you want to pick up stuff, try Valaroso Foods for really lovely Italian meats, olives, spreads, cheese and stuff. And save room for a visit to my favourite, Carmelis Goat Cheese Artisan's, the gelato is really good (and you can sample everything). Pick up bread and fruit from the Farmer's market on Saturday morning.

      I know it's cheesy, but I do love the Jammery for breakfast, just don't love the weekend lines and sounds like you're there for a weekend. They have an all eat can eat breakfast waffle for $5 or so on weekday mornings between 7am and 10?am. Got the peach version and it was delicious and the line up is non existent.

      Have fun, wish I was back there already.

      1. Lunch at MIssion Hill is never a bad idea!

        1. Spent a week there in August. Had an extremely good meal at Waterfront wine bar. Definitely go there and order the foie. Also the tasting menu at Mission Hill was excellent and has a great view.

          Had so so meals at Local and Tinhorn and one of the worst restaurant meals I've ever had at Peakfine at Sparkling Hill.

          Wanted to try Raudz but ran out of time.

          1. Thanks for the suggestion everyone ! I'm definitely going to try out Old vines.

            1. Kekuli Cafe
              this place is popular - it's on the way in/out of Kelowna - in Westbank (aka West Kelowna) --- so you'd be going by from or to the Connecter 97C


              1. Kelowna was amazing, sunny and warm then it was over and back to our regular life. Ate majority of our meals at the vacation condo but got a chance to have a really tasty meal at the Cherry Pitt on our first day. Their hamburger was so delicious! Not the premade patty, freshly made. Their beef dip was also very good, super juicy. I just wish their au jus was home made instead of the bouillion mix but never the less it was still fabulous.

                Quails Gate, wasn't sure if was hype so I had my doubts. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality and standard of their dishes. For those who enjoy fois gras, QG doesn't a pretty good dish, not as good as Le Crocodile but very close. We enjoyed our visit so much we went back the next day. Service was excellent and the view was absolutely gorgeous! Definitely worth a visit.

                Burrowing Owl. Again, amazing location. Food was also super fresh and top notch. Great charcuterrie and cheese plates. Service, perhaps because it was mid day (3'ish) so it wasn't really as attentive as I had hoped for. It wasn't that it wasn't good but it could have been better.

                Farmers market there is a must. Their pricing is much better than Vancouver and they have so many vendors to choose from.

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                  Had the burger at Cherry Pit based on this reco. One of the worst burgers I've ever tried to eat...

                2. speaking of farmer markets - if you ever come across this vendor - his product is a MUST - the pretzel buns - the other breads - just perfect (take butter to the market) --- i don't know where he sells but I know for parties, i have pre-ordered.

                  i believe that Martin's son is somewhere in the fraser valley and is at certain markets in the lower mainland

                  start at this website

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                      sorry - i should have been clearer - at certain farmer markets - hope you enjoy

                  1. kelowna - in the mission - cute tea/coffee/soup/baked goods - Marmalade Cat on Pandosy about a couple blocks "west" of KLO

                    we liked it - the soup was interesting and delicious. the blueberry pie was excellent. Tea was good. Price was right. I would go back - our group of 4 enjoyed it.