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Sep 10, 2012 01:02 PM


i have 2 bottles of 1990 vintage perrier jouet champagne in my fridge, on their sides... drinkable or flower vases-in-waiting?
i offer no explanations or excuses just need info please - thanks...

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  1. How long have they been there and how were they stored before they went into the fridge? In any case, unless they were handled badly (heat etc) they should be drinkable if somewhat over the hill. The only way to know is open them.

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    1. re: dinwiddie

      i bought them in 1999 - they may have been exposed to warmer than optimal, but don't remember for how long - in the fridge for years...

      1. re: peridot79

        It won't kill you, so you may as well open it/them up and taste them. The WORST thing that can happen is that you say, "Yuck!" and pour it out. The BEST thing that can happen is that you say "Yum!" and enjoy it . . .

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          They've been in your fridge since 1999? That's 12 years. I knew a woman who did something similar with a 1985 Dom Perignon. She saved it so long that by the time she opened it, it wasn't worth drinking.

          I'd open them tonight. And in the future, the refrigerator is not the place for long storage of any wines. Neither the temperature nor the humidity is compatible with extended wine storage.

      2. A friend recently brought a similarly aged bottle of PJ. It went in the vinegar crock and we drank Pinot noir.

        1. Open bottle 1, if bad, open bottle 2, if bad open something else.

          Open bottle 1, if bad, open bottle 2, if good drink it!

          Open bottle 1, if good, drink it, and in celebration, open bottle 2, if drinkable drink; if not open something else!!1

          1. Storing in the fridge is really only problematic for drying out the cork which could allow for oxidation. I'd be more concerned about what stresses those bottles saw before making their way to your fridge. Champagne improves drastically with bottle age, and the extremely high acidity will allow it to age for quite a long time.

            Is it the Cuvee Fleur? Belle Epoque blanc or rose? You might be in for a treat. Don't let the first whiff/taste throw you - feel free to pour it off into a decanter if really musty smelling.

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              "Storing in the fridge....drying out the cork which could allow for oxidation"....not that I keep bottles in fridge for any extended period of time, but good to know!

            2. As a friendly tip, the refrigerator is better than 80 degree plus heat for short periods of time (even - and this is my opinion not scientific - a whole summer). There is a high chance though that it will mess with the wine eventually.